January 4, 2021

Engage Your Physician Group or Hospital IT - Cerner

When you’re talking to your department director, IT leadership or the hospital C-suite, they may be less sympathetic to your frustrations with your EHR, and more motivated to improve safety, guideline adherence, and productivity.

Fortunately, there is emerging evidence that you can achieve safety, guideline adherence, and productivity - AND reduce your frustrations with your EHR, with readily available approaches.


Committees! Your Hospital has Committees

  • to review new EHR features
  • to review bad outcomes
  • to improve regulatory compliance and billing

All of these can impact the EHR in some way - being in the room when these proposals are discussed prevents bad workflows from being implemented and gives an opportunity for improving your EHR.


Getting More “At the Elbow" Support

Most facilities and health care systems make provision for one-on-one training. Check with your director or training department for availability.


Optimize the EHR Configuration

By far the most efficient and productive facilities from an EHR perspective are those that consistently update to recent software releases and have optimally configured the build. Staying up to date with software releases requires intentionality and effort. You can help drive that process by knowing what is available and understanding the optimal build tenants.

LaunchPoint Optimization

QuickOrders Optimization

PowerPlan (order set) Optimization

QuickVisit Optimization

Real Time Dashboard Optimization

Dynamic Documentation Templates Optimization


Created by: Zach Jarou, MD, MBA (St. Joseph Mercy Health System); Heather Heaton, MD (Mayo Clinic); Bharat Sutariya, MD (CERNER); Geoffrey Simmons (CERNER); Nick Genes, MD, PhD (Mt. Sinai); Jeff Nielsen, MD, MS (NEOMED); on behalf of the ACEP Health Innovation Technology Committee


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