Revenue Tool

Thank you for your interest in using this tool. It was developed in response to the need for our colleagues to demonstrate to hospital administrators the potential revenue stream that an emergency department (ED) can provide. Without getting into a debate about whether EDs are loss leaders or not, we can move the discussion by demonstrating that there is tremendous potential to increase revenue to the hospital. The patients who leave without being seen by a provider and those who never reach the ED by ambulance due to diversion are untapped resources. Many hospitals struggle to increase elective admissions while the demand for ED beds is often still significant.

This tool allows you to analyze your ED. By entering a few data points, you can calculate the additional revenue that could be generated. This tool can be used when discussing process or program changes that improve patient flow resulting in more patients being treated. Once you have evaluated the impact of the increase in ambulance arrivals, and what your decrease in walk outs can be, you can demonstrate the associated revenue. This can be valuable when you approach administrators to support ED process improvement projects or additional staffing. The hospital administrator can project and track the return on any investment made to support the ED.

Feel free to use this tool to project potential revenue enhancements as a result of improvement in ED services. Illustrating increased revenue projections can go a long way in obtaining hospitals administrator support of your project.

* The content provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as authoritative advice. Calculations by this tool are believed to be accurate, yet are not guaranteed. You should not rely on any material provided herein to make or refrain from any decision or action.


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