ACEP Membership Mailing List Rental

ACEP Membership Mailing List Rental applications must be submitted, and customers must agree to ACEP Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, and Pricing Structure as outlined below. We'll review your application upon receipt of a completed online Membership List Rental Agreement, copy of the corresponding promotional piece in Word or PDF format, and payment in full. If you have questions or require assistance with your application, please contact  ACEP staff directly or by phone at 972-550-0911 ext. 5084.

The below information pertains to applications submitted by all customers except ACEP State Chapters. If you're submitting on behalf of an ACEP State Chapter, please use the Chapter-specific online template and information.

ACEP Guidelines for Rental of the Membership List

  • The ACEP membership list, for the purposes of mailing labels only, may be rented for one-time use upon ACEP’s review and approval of the request and the proposed mailing piece using the criteria outlined in ACEP’S Terms, and Conditions listed on the rental application page.
    Sample materials proposed for mailing must be submitted for review. Where final materials are not available, a comprehensive layout and copy must be submitted. ACEP will be the final authority for approval of mailing list use. The list is to be used only for the purpose of distributing materials previously reviewed and approved by the College.
  • Each purchase is a separate contract between ACEP and the user and shall imply no obligation on the part of ACEP to enter future contracts for the use of the list.
  • Failure to adhere to guidelines may result in legal action. Such misuse will render the customer liable for all damages to the College which arises from litigation, attorney fees, court costs, and expenses incurred because of misuse.
  • List rental for one-time use only. The list will not be reproduced or stored in any manner, either in part or in whole. This statement prohibits the user from producing individualized repetitious letters. Additional usage will require submission of an additional request to ACEP.

Pricing Structure

  • $225/M Names – Standard Rate
  • $175/M Names – Discounted Rate for promotions related to educational programs approved for ACEP Category I Credit
  • $8/M – Key Coding
  • $50 – Rush Fee (less than 3 days business days)
  • $150 – Cancellation fee for non-rush order cancellations received prior to dissemination of the list by ACEP
  • $200 – Cancellation fee for rush order cancellations received prior to dissemination of the list by ACEP

Minimum Order

  • Quantity – 2,000 names
  • Dollar amount – $450
  • Rush orders (less than 3 business days) – add $50
  • Payment is due upon submission of application and prior to dissemination of list by ACEP.

Cancellation Policy

Prior to dissemination of list by ACEP – payment will be refunded less a $150 fee; $200 fee if application was processed as a rush order.

After dissemination of the list by ACEP – payment in full is required; no refund will be processed.

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