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Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions

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Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions

The ACEP membership list, for the purposes of mailing labels only, may be rented for one-time use upon ACEP’s review and approval of the request and the proposed mailing piece using the criteria outlined in these guidelines.

  1. The proposed use of the list will be for mailing an item that promotes a program, product, or service which reasonably can be expected to be of interest to ACEP members.
  2. The list will be made available for research purposes provided the requestor submits a sample of the mailing piece, etc.
  3. All copy to be mailed to ACEP members must be submitted to ACEP prior to release of the list. ACEP’s requests for changes in copy (e.g., to correct an inappropriate use of ACEP’s name,) must be made by the customer and submitted, in writing, prior to release of the list.
  4. ACEP reserves the right to reject any membership mailing label list request. The following are examples of uses of the list that may be denied:
    1. Use by political candidates.
    2. Publicity or advertising that might imply to ACEP members that the College has endorsed an organization, its purpose, products, or services, particularly if the College has not taken an official position on the issue advocated by the organization.
    3. Use by organizations for any fundraising purposes or membership solicitation.
    4. Any communication that would tend to mislead, misinform, or be considered distasteful.
    5. Concern about the reliability or integrity of the customer requesting the labels, particularly if the customer has an account that is 90 days or more past due.
  5. The Board of Directors will establish prices for the rental of the list during the budget approval process. Prices will vary according to the purpose of the mailing. For example, lists for an education program with ACEP Category I credit are less expensive than labels for physician recruitment.
  6. ACEP will neither release members’ telephone numbers of any kind (home, work, cell, fax, etc.) nor members’ email addresses of any kind. ACEP will not authorize the list to be stored or duplicated in any manner, including the personalization of letters by electronic storage of the list.
  7. When a third party rents the membership list or purchases mailing labels, the information will be provided to chapter services staff and a notification will be provided to the chapter where the meeting will be held.

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum Order
    • Quantity - 2,000 names
    • Dollar amount - $450
  • Rush orders (less than 3 business days): add $50
  • Payment is due upon submission of application and prior to dissemination of list by ACEP.
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Prior to dissemination of list by ACEP - payment will be refunded less a $150 fee; $200 fee if application was processed as a rush order
    • After dissemination of list by ACEP – payment in full is required; no refund will be processed
  • List rental for one-time use only. The list will not be reproduced or stored in any manner, either in part or in whole. This statement prohibits the user from producing individualized repetitious letters. Additional usage will require submission of an additional request to ACEP.
  • Sample materials proposed for mailing must be submitted for review. Where final materials are not available, a comprehensive layout and copy must be submitted. ACEP will be the final authority for approval of mailing list use. The list is to be used only for the purposes of distributing materials previously reviewed and approved by the College.
  • Each purchase is a separate contract between ACEP and the use and shall imply no obligation on the part of ACEP to enter into future contracts for the use of the list.
  • Failure to adhere to guidelines may result in legal action. Such misuse will render the customer liable for all damages to the College which arises from litigation, attorney’s fees, court costs, and expenses incurred because of misuse.

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$50 – Rush Fee (charged if the list is required in less than 3 business days)

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Regular: Regular members are physicians who devote a significant portion of their medical endeavors to emergency medicine. They are licensed in the state, province, territory, or foreign country in which they practice, or are serving in a governmental medical assignment. They must also fulfill a postgraduate education requirement every three years. The vast majority of our members are in the United States. This does not include candidate, international, life, inactive, or honorary members.

Retired: Regular members who have retired from medical practice for any reason.

Candidate: Any medical or osteopathic student, intern, or physician participating in an emergency medicine residency or fellowship program.

International: Physicians interested in emergency medicine who are not residents of the United States or of possession thereof, and who are licensed to practice medicine by the government within whose jurisdiction such physicians reside and practice.

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You will receive a submission acknowledgment e-mail that reflects the application details based on your form entries. Please review the information in detail and contact us with questions or to provide changes to your application. If staff are unavailable to take your call, please leave a detailed message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If additional clarification or information is needed in order to process your application, ACEP CME Staff will contact you directly at the e-mail address and/or phone number listed on the application.

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