Council Teamwork Award


Presented to a component body or group of councillors to recognize outstanding contributions and participation in Council activities. The award is given as needed, not necessarily annually.

2024 Recipients

Katherine L. Staats, MD, FACEP

Alexandra"Niki" Thran, MD, FACEP



The award is a certificate or trophy (depending on the number of recipients) inscribed with the name of each recipient.


Contributions to be recognized may include development of important resolutions, significant contributions to Council discussions, etc.

Past Recipients

2007  David Wilcox, MD, FACEP
          EMF Match Donors
2008  Certification and Emergency Medicine Workforce Section
2009  Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association
2010  James Antinori, MD, FACEP
          Small Chapter & Sections Caucus
2011  Wellness Section
2012  Angela Siler-Fisher, MD, FACEP
          TX Chapter EM Futures Program
2013  John Moorhead, MD, FACEP
          AMA Section Council on Emergency Medicine
2015  Rural Emergency Medicine Section
2016  Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA)
2017  Government Services Chapter 
2018  Washington Chapter
2019  Anne Zink, MD, FACEP
          Laura Tilley, MD, FACEP
          Brad Gruehn
          SHIELDS Team
2020  Harrison Alter, MD, FACEP
          Marc A. Futernick, MD, FACEP
          Aimee K. Moulin, MD, FACEP
          John J. Rogers, MD, CPE, FACEP
          Theresa Tran, MD, FACEP
2021  John D. Bibb, MD, FACEP
          Fred Dennis, MD, MBA, FACEP
          Eric Ketcham, MD, MBA, FACEP
          Alexis LaPietra, DO, FACEP
          Donald E. Stader III, MD, FACEP
2022  Louisiana Chapter ACEP
2023  ACEP Pain Management Section
2024  Katherine L. Staats, MD, FACEP 
          Alexandra"Niki" Thran, MD, FACEP

Entry Procedures

Any member may nominate a component body or group of councillors by submitting an online nomination with up to three letters of support. Letters of support are greatly encouraged and are at the discretion of the nominator. Additionally, a nominee should have only one nomination whether from a chapter, committee, section, or individual. All entries must be submitted no later than March 12, 2024, for consideration by the Council Awards Committee. Please follow up if you do not receive a confirmation.


The Council Awards Committee, consisting of current and past councillors appointed by the Speaker, will judge the entries. The decision of the judges is final, and the judges reserve the right to make no award if there are no nominees of sufficient merit. The award will be presented at the annual Council Awards Luncheon.

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