GEDA Renewals and Retention Manager


Clinical Affairs

BASIC FUNCTION The GEDA Renewal and Retention Manager will manage and coordinate the renewal and retention efforts of the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) program, ensure payments are received in a timely fashion, support the Sr. Program Manager in direct marketing efforts to re-enlist and retain emergency department participation in the accreditation program as well as support administrative duties. Support the work of the GEDA team, ACEP leaders, and other collaborating organizations such as the West Health Institute (WHI) and the John A. Hartford Foundation (JAHF) to ensure the success of the accreditation program

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Renewals

    1. Develop and monitor an accreditation renewal plan in conjunction with the Sr. Program Manager and GEDA team.

    2. Communicate with EDs/applicants scheduled to renew in the appropriate time intervals via CRM template.

    3. Communicate and support applicant organizations at the renewal stage of the application process.

    4. Develop materials that will assist applicants in the renewal process.

    5. Develop and execute a renewal process that include review of the initial application and communication with the site regarding suggestions for improvement.

    6. Ensure all required renewal documentation is provided with renewal application.

    7. Maintain renewal tracking spreadsheet.

    8. Provide support to GEDA Operations Manager.

  2. Retention

    1. Develop and execute a plan for the retention of accredited sites in conjunction with the Sr. Program Manager and GEDA team.

    2. Craft and send email messages via CRM template.

    3. Create and update accredited site listserve.

    4. Attend quarterly GEDA/GEDC retention workgroup meetings.

      1. Communicate news and updates with accredited GEDs to keep sites engaged.

    5. Support accredited GEDs with updating records, connecting to other GEDs, and other activities that support accreditation .

    6. Support Sr. Program Manager and workgroup on post-accreditation activities. 

      1. Includes communicating evolving standards.

      2. Retrieving initial reviewer checklists and presentations from initial accreditation or provisional accreditations.

    7. Support Sr. Program Manager and workgroup on annual awards.

      1. Update award information on the website, create award recognition letters and order awards.

      2. Assist with planning of annual award events.

    8. Provide support to GEDA Special Projects Manager on rural retention efforts.

  3. Administrative        

    1. Create all accreditation communication mailings.

    2. Create a custom site improvement communication (incorporating pertinent notes from BOG).

      1. Maintain the spreadsheet used to track sites with provisional accreditation.

      2. Communicate with the accredited site in the form of initial notification, reminder follow-ups, and receiving the information to be presented to the GEDA BOG.

    3. Field in-coming “sales” and “payment” calls.

    4. Manage open invoice report.

    5. Process application payments.

    6. ED accounts set up in CRM.

    7. Schedule virtual or in-person site visits and required review calls with sites and reviewers, building out agendas for such meetings.

    8. Schedule other potential calls with sites as requested.

    9. Schedule BOG, Advisory Board, and other partner meetings.

    10. Attend and take meeting minutes as assigned by Sr. Accreditation Program Manager.

    11. Manage lead input, including spreadsheets and uploads into CRM.

    12. Assist all accreditation programs with administrative functions as needed and assigned by Sr. Accreditation Program Manager.

  4. Scientific Assembly 

    1. Coordinate the ACEP Scientific Assembly Accreditation booth.

    2. Assist with ACEP SA pre-conference details determined by Sr. Program Manager.

Relationships and Contacts

Reports to:

Sr. Accreditation Program Manager

Internal Contacts:

All staff

External Contacts:

GED stakeholder organizations, ACEP members, emergency department and hospital staff, staff from other associations and organizations working in the geriatric field

Required Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing, communications, education, healthcare, or a related field, or equivalent experience.

  2. Five years project management related experience. Accreditation program knowledge a plus.

  3. Effective communications with a high-level of accuracy and ability to meet deadlines.

  4. Proficiency with web content management systems, Microsoft products, and databases.

  5. Ability to travel as required.  Anticipate 1 trip per year from 2 to 4 days duration. 

Other Desired Qualifications

  1. Experience with accreditation programs.

  2. Experience with marketing and meeting planning

  3. Familiarity with spreadsheet software

  4. Experience in the health care field.

  5. Experience in an emergency department

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