Teach a Course

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Become an Instructor

The Until Help Arrives course is designed to be taught by emergency medical professionals. ACEP members are automatically eligible to become instructors, and anyone licensed in the following disciplines is welcome to apply to become an instructor: MD, DO, RN, NP, PA, DPM Paramedic, EMT, EMR/First Responder (or a student enrolled in any of these programs).

To become an Until Help Arrives instructor, please watch the instructor video and fill out the Instructor Interest Form. ACEP members will then receive a follow-up email with access to the Instructor Portal. Those who are not ACEP members will receive follow-up communication from our Until Help Arrives team to confirm credentials before receiving access to the Instructor Portal.

The portal houses various resources to help you lead a successful Until Help Arrives course, including the course curriculum, a sample script, course handouts, registration sheets and more.

Instructor Responsibilities

Until Help Arrives instructors are responsible for organizing and leading training courses in their communities, and our staff is here to support you.

Course instructors are expected to:

  • Secure a location for the course
  • Use Instructor Portal resources to allow people to register for the course
  • Procure the recommended course supplies, either by purchasing an Until Help Arrives Instructor Pack or providing your own supplies
  • Conduct the course, including pre- and post-test surveys at the beginning and end of the course to assess efficacy
  • Provide post-course feedback to ACEP in order to continually improve the program

Where to Host

If you’re interested in leading a course but aren’t sure where to host it, consider the following results from our recent national poll. We asked respondents where the training course should be offered, and these were the top choices:

  1. Local hospitals and clinics
  2. High schools
  3. Colleges/universities
  4. Community centers
  5. Your place of employment

Other locations that received positive feedback from the respondents included local government offices, places of worship, restaurants, airports and public libraries.