Sample Testimony

2014 testimony from Dr. Charles Barbera, then president of the Pennsylvania chapter, to the House Insurance Committee on House Bill 804 that requires clear and convincing evidence of gross negligence in cases against providers of EMTALA-mandated care.  (Read the Testimony)

2013 testimony from Dr. Michael Baker, then president of the Michigan chapter, on House Bill 4354: The Access to Quality Emergency Care Act requiring proof of gross negligence in cases involving the provision of EMTALA-mandated care. (Read the Testimony

The Massachusetts chapter submitted written testimony to the Senate Committee on Public Health for Senate Bill 1012, providing special liability protection for providers of emergency care and for care provided during a declared emergency.  (Read the Testimony)

Dr. Greg Cannon provided testimony before the North Carolina legislature in support of Senate Bill 33 that was enacted in 2011, requiring clear and convincing evidence of negligence in cases involving the provision of EMTALA-mandated emergency care. (Read the Testimony)

Robert A. Bitterman, MD, JD, FACEP submitted extensive testimony to a North Carolina legislative task force that was established to study the liability problem and possible solutions in the state. Dr. Bitterman's testimony includes a wealth of information on the impact of the liability crisis on access to emergency care in general and the delivery of emergency medical services in North Carolina.
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Prior to enacting liability reform in the state of Florida in 2003, Governor Jeb Bush created a task force to study the liability problem and investigate possible solutions. The Florida College of Emergency Physicians submitted comments to ensure that the task force considered the need to take steps to protect access to emergency care.
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In 2009, Ohio ACEP members testified in support of legislation that would enact special liability protection for emergency care providers by increasing the standard of negligence to "willful and wanton" misconduct. This is a compilation of the chapter members' testimony before Ohio legislative bodies.   
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