Podcasts and Apps

Podcast and Apps


ACEP SA Replay

Free audio from educational courses at past ACEP annual meetings


ACEP Frontline

In-depth conversations on the hottest topics in EM from Dr. Ryan Stanton


Annals of EM

Monthly summaries of important original articles & comments on notable editorials

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So What?

ACEP's podcast about looking at "buzz worthy" treatments getting some attention in the #FOAMed world and how to properly utilize them...or not.




ACEP Annual Meetings

Educational conference apps for meetings of more than 500 attendees

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ACEP Educational Meetings

Educational conference apps for meetings of less than 500 attendees

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ACEP Toxicology Section Antidote App

Easy Access to dosing regiments for a variety of medications and antidotes

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Critical Images in Emergency Medicine

iPad Only

Improve your interpretation skills with this case-based approach ($69.99)


Emergency Department Resuscitation of the Critically Ill

You’re working in the emergency department, and a patient is crashing right before your eyes. Do you know what to do?


Electrocardiography in Emergency Medicine

When minutes – seconds – count, don’t count on someone else. An over-read someone else can do later, hours later, just isn’t good enough for your patient – or for you. So make sure you can be the expert right then – make sure you can pick up on the subtleties of a rhythm, the intricacies of ECG findings.


Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine

Learn from emergency medicine’s national experts — without ever leaving home — with Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine.


Trauma Ultrasound eBook

The use of ultrasonography revolutionized trauma care, and now this one-of-a-kind interactive eBook is going to revolutionize trauma ultrasound education.


Cardiovascular Emergencies

Learn now from the very best cardiovascular emergency medicine experts in the US.

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