Alcohol Advertising

Reaffirmed April 2024
Revised April 2018
eaffirmed October 2012, October 2006
evised July 2000 by combining CR012 (September 1992) and CR038 (September 1985)


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) recognizes that alcohol misuse and abuse are significant risk factors for preventable diseases, injuries, and premature death. ACEP also acknowledges that print, broadcast, internet, and social media advertising of alcohol may play a significant role in promoting underage and unhealthy alcohol consumption. Therefore, ACEP strongly opposes the promotion of alcohol which: 1) may be perceived as directed towards youth; 2) draws a positive correlation between physical performance and the consumption of alcoholic beverages; and 3) depicts the irresponsible use of alcohol without showing its adverse consequences.

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