Advertising and Publicity of Emergency Medical Care

Revised January 2019

Reaffirmed June 2013

Revised October 2007, replacing "Positive Promotions"

Approved October 2000 with current title, replacing "Physician Advertising"

Originally approved June 1984 titled "Physician Advertising"


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) believes:

  • Emergency physicians, emergency medicine groups and health institutions may publicize themselves through any commercial media or other form of public communication provided that the information is true and accurate and in no way deceptive or misleading. Claims regarding experience, competence, quality, or unique qualifications or resources only may be made if they are factually supportable.
  • Patients may be confused by unfamiliar terms and by illustrations that are difficult to understand or are misleading. Advertising and publicity should be designed in a manner that is readily comprehensible.
  • Physicians, other health care providers, and health care facilities should emphasize in advertising their own positive attributes and should not denigrate the capabilities of other providers or facilities.

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