ACEP Business Arrangements

Reaffirmed April 2020, April 2014, October 2008, October 2002

Revised June 1998 with current title

Originally approved January 1994 titled "Business Arrangements Between ACEP and Its Members"


  • ACEP may enter into business arrangements determined to be beneficial to the College. College policies and sound business practices, including a clear delineation of the expected benefits and risks, determine whether such arrangements are prudent and proper.
  • ACEP may endorse business ventures based on the merit of each individual proposal and consistent with the College’s value statements.
  • Except for customary ACEP educational agreements, the College does not enter into business arrangements with staff or College officers (as defined in the ACEP Bylaws), directors, committee chairs, or section chairs.
  • All business arrangements involving ACEP and other College members or staff not excluded above are considered for approval by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors subject to ratification by the Board of Directors.
  • ACEP staff, in conjunction with the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors, manages College business not otherwise covered in this policy.

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