November 10, 2021

Commemorating Veterans Day

ACEP is deeply thankful to all U.S. military members, past and present, who have bravely served in the Armed Forces. Your courage and sacrifice is an inspiration to us all. ACEP also thanks the military family members who provide encouragement and support.

Here are some ways to mark this occasion. 

- In this Veteran's Day special edition of ACEP Frontline, host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks with four emergency physician veterans about their stories from the front lines of conflict around the world. You're invited to listen and be inspired by these stories of sacrifice, fear, loss, trauma, and service. 

- Read Reflections from Afghanistan, featuring photos and short stories from members of the Government Services Chapter. More stories are coming in a future issue of ACEP Now. If you'd like to submit a story from your service in Afghanistan, please send it to

- Connect with the Government Services Chapter as an additional supportive community within the ACEP family. Don't miss the GSACEP Podcast, covering all kinds of interesting topics in the field.

- Utilize this page developed for GSACEP members who are processing the recent events in Afghanistan.

- VisitACEP's Wellness Center for additional support.


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