April 1, 2024

ACEP Statement on a Diverse Emergency Physician Workforce

In light of recent legislative efforts to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that impact medical education, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) reaffirms our unwavering commitment to ensuring a diverse and representative emergency physician workforce and opposes any legislation that runs counter to this goal.

ACEP policy is resolute. We support efforts to develop, recruit, and retain a diverse workforce; address and limit biases; increase representation in leadership; and ensure that the education pipeline continues to support the development of well-trained students, residents and emergency physicians who better reflect our broad, multicultural society.

Emergency Medicine is the safety net for society’s health needs. As the nation’s population grows more diverse, it is essential that the physician workforce better reflect the diversity of all patients. Data shows that physician concordance relative to race and linguistics positively impacts patient satisfaction, promotes better patient understanding of illness, and improves adherence to treatment plans, which ultimately leads to better health outcomes. Because patient-physician trust must be developed quickly in emergency care, a vital first step is to ensure that our patients, many of whom are from underrepresented, marginalized or vulnerable populations, see a medical team that mirrors their identity.

ACEP has a deep-rooted history working alongside our emergency physician members to advance health equity and dismantle systemic barriers to quality emergency care. We stand firm in our commitment to building and sustaining a workforce that delivers equitable, accessible, and compassionate emergency care.

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