January 13, 2023

Explore the New and Improved, the Premier Career Center for EM Physicians

ACEP is excited to announce the launch of the new emCareers, a full-service career support network for emergency medicine physicians and residents. emCareers connects jobseekers with a wide range of open emergency medicine positions, and employers with thousands of active and passive emergency medicine jobseekers.

Utilize emCareers to sign up for job alerts, get specialized job search results, and discover educational resources and networking opportunities within ACEP chapters. Take the next step in your emergency medicine career or find the best-qualified professionals in the field with emCareers.

Looking for additional career resources? Check out ACEP's Career Center and its robust library of resources. You'll find policy statements related to EM contracts, compensation and staffing, along with compensation surveys and an EM contract checklist.

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