September 22, 2023

ACEP Advocacy Delivers a September to Remember

This month, ACEP advocacy delivered multiple wins for emergency physicians and patients. We are proud to use our platform to ensure policymakers and regulators hear straight from you about the major challenges facing your practice and patients right now.

There is no substitute for emergency physician-led care.

ACEP testified in a Veteran’s Health Administration listening session on their National Standards of Practice initiative, which would set federal scope of practice standards for VA facilities,  regardless of the rules in a facility’s state. 

We seized this opportunity to highlight findings from the recent Stanford study showing that hiring nurse practitioners instead of physicians costs more money and results in worse outcomes. We will not stop our fight to protect your jobs in federal and state scope of practice battles.

The corporatization of medicine is a dangerous threat to lives and livelihoods. 

ACEP delivered some hard truths to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), speaking on behalf of thousands of emergency physicians whose lives and practices were disrupted fallout from the latest in a long line of mergers and acquisitions in health care.

ACEP Executive Director Sue Sedory discussed the dangers of consolidation in emergency medicine and pointed to the APP collapse as an egregious example. Protecting your careers and autonomy amid increasing corporatization of emergency medicine is a major ACEP priority. 

On the heels of our compelling testimony, special guest Lina M. Khan, FTC Chair, now plans to join us during the ACEP23 Closing General Session to share the agency’s perspective on its work and how it could help protect EPs. There’s still time to join us at the conference—register today!   

We wove your stories into formal comments on draft FTC/Department of Justice (DOJ) merger guidelines that would update the way these agencies investigate potentially illegal mergers.  Our letter includes alarming data from an ACEP member survey about the impact of mergers and acquisitions on your lives, jobs, and the care you provide.

Insurers and government agencies must be held accountable for the flawed surprise billing law implementation.

ACEP secured a chance to testify in front of the influential House Ways and Means Committee about the significant issues that hinder the surprise billing independent dispute resolution process and challenges facing emergency physicians because of insurer bad practices.  

Dr. Seth Bleier deftly fielded numerous questions from interested legislators and shared experiences with how insurers are taking advantage of the flawed implementation of the law, and raised concerns that the IDR process is virtually inaccessible for smaller practices. He called out cases where physician groups were threatened with or subjected to significant reimbursement cuts for longstanding contracts, and others where even when physicians win in IDR, payers are not paying in a timely manner or are simply not paying at all.

Thanks to ACEP advocacy, regulators and elected officials are hearing the voice of emergency physicians loud and clear. We are leveraging ACEP’s power across all facets of government and society to demand better for you.


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