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ACEP Now, your monthly membership magazine, publishes annual compensation and salary reports that analyze trends in EM physician salaries by state, region, setting and other variables. View the full reports to see how your compensation compares and to see current trends in the emergency medicine job market.

2023-24 Compensation & Salary Report for Emergency Physicians

Nearly two years since COVID disrupted the emergency medicine job market, things are finally looking up. The Fall 2023 market is up about 20 percent from last year. View report. 

2022-23 Compensation & Salary Report for Emergency Physicians

At 2.5 years into the COVID-19 crisis, the job market is shifting but not yet back to normal. The Fall 2022 market is up 15 percent from last year, but still lags behind the 2019 market. View report.

2021 Survey of the Emergency Medicine Job Market

As the pandemic continues to affect the EM job market, employers were surveyed on the following topics: current workforce, hiring plans, compensation and market outlook. View report.

2019-20 Compensation & Salary Report for Emergency Physicians

Emergency physician incomes in most areas of the United States are trending positively, especially when considering the overall growth during the past 10 years. Read the full report. 

2018-19 Compensation & Salary Report for Emergency Physicians

The national average salary for emergency physicians increased again this past year, a full 3.5 percent. Not a stunning number, but when you add it into the trend of the past 10 years, it reflects a 34.5 percent increase for emergency physician salaries over the past 11 years. Read the full report

2017-2018 Compensation & Salary Report for Emergency Physicians

In the past 10 years, emergency physician salaries have increased 31 percent while the average clinical hours worked have gone down 12 percent. Currently, the national norm remains $200 an hour. However, nothing about emergency physician compensation is normal due to the supply-and-demand market. The disparity of incomes from state to state and region to region is vast and constantly changing. Read the full report.


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Additional Salary Resources

The following is a list of resources that the American College of Emergency Physicians is aware of specific to emergency physician income/salaries. The College does not endorse any of these surveys, and the statistical validity of each need to be carefully examined if you decide to use these data. 


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