Tellers, Credentials, and Elections Committee

Tellers Committee members conduct voting on resolutions and elections during Council meetings, work to achieve 100 percent representation at Council meetings, provide assistance to new councillors, and monitor the Council floor.

Requires attendance at the annual Council meeting and a committee meeting the evening prior.

The 2024 Council meeting is September 27-28, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV.

Douglas M. Char, MD, FACEP (MO) - Chair

John D. Anderson, MD, FACEP (NV)
Jessica A. Best, MD (TX)
Michael Bond, MD, FACEP (MD)
Shamie Das, MD, MBA, MPH, FACEP (GA)  
John Gallagher, MD, FACEP (HI)
Puneet Gupta, MD, FACEP (CA)
Alan Hirshberg, MD, FACEP (GS)
Antony Hsu, MD, FACEP (MI) 
Kelly Johnson, MD, FACEP (SC)
Fred Kency, MD, FACEP (MS) 
Penelope C. Lema, MD, FACEP (NY)
Mike Lozano, Jr., MD, MSHI, FACEP
Catherine A. Marco, MD, FACEP (OH)
Eric E. Maur, MD, FACEP (NC)
Torree McGowan, MD, FACEP (GS)
Jeff Norvell, MD, FACEP (KS) 
Michael Ruzek, DO, FACEP (NJ)
Jennifer L. Savino, DO, FACEP (PA)
Harry E. Sibold, MD, FACEP (MT)
Alison Smith, MD, MPH, FACEP (UT)
Susanne Spano, MD, FACEP (CA)
James D. Thompson, MD, FACEP (CO)
Larisa M. Traill, MD, FACEP (MI)
Nicole A. Veitinger, DO, FACEP (OH)
Wright Becker, Carol Lea (WV)
Randall J. Young, MD, FACEP (CA)
L. Carlos Zapata, MD, FACEP (NY)

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