September 1, 2023

Four for Four: Courts Side with Physicians in String of Surprise Billing Legal Victories

ACEP, alongside our physician community partners, has notched its fourth win in the legal battle to make sure that the No Surprises Act is implemented consistent with Congressional intent.

These four legal victories bring the No Surprises Act much closer to what Congress intended and ACEP has supported efforts from the start pushing for a law that protects patients from surprise bills and creates an unbiased mechanism to resolve payment disputes between insurers and physicians. 

ACEP and allied physician groups strongly supported each of the lawsuits brought by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) through legislative and regulatory advocacy, media outreach and court filings. Your membership funds amicus briefs, elevates our platform, and fuels efforts to help make these victories for you possible.

The IDR process is now suspended until the rules governing it are aligned with the court decisions. That means the backlog of claims is only growing and there is more work to do.

ACEP is calling for the IDR process to be re-opened immediately to avoid further delays and will continue to advocate for additional measures that prevent insurance companies from unlawfully gaming the system to profit at your expense. 

You deserve better. We will not stop fighting for you.



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