May 17, 2023

Participate in EM Wellness Week 2023

Mark your calendars! Emergency Medicine Wellness Week is May 21-27. ACEP’s Well-Being Committee and Wellness Section have developed a different point of focus for each day during Wellness Week. You're invited to join the challenges and take some time for your own wellness as we close out Mental Health Month.

May 21: Join #BikERdoc on Peloton group rides.  
Kick things off on Peloton at 11:00am CT for a 30 min. Pop Ride OR hold a Power Hour during which you try a new one-minute workout every hour, on the hour (jumping jacks, squats, lunges, etc.). Join our new #BikERdoc member interest group if you want to be alerted to other group exercise opportunities.

May 22: Celebrate the small stuff!
Send or bring in treats and props to celebrate those working today, or plan to do so for an upcoming holiday. Intentionally seeking things to celebrate, however small, can increase your sense of wellbeing and life satisfaction.

May 23: Practice self-compassion.
Try meditation, yoga, massage, journaling or other acts to show kindness toward yourself.

May 24: Take an on-shift wellness walk.
It's as simple as it sounds: Make a quick loop while on shift to help clear your mind and help with focus.

May 25: Complete an act of generosity.
Need ideas? Try grabbing an extra coffee for a colleague on your coffee break, scheduling some volunteer work, or donating items to those in need.

May 26: Express gratitude.
Thank at least one team member at the end of every shift. Offer specific recognition for jobs well done, and/or have an on-shift huddle to ask teammates to share what they are most grateful for.

May 27: Reflect on what brings you joy. 
(And then try to do more of whatever that is!)

ACEP is working to support you by pushing back against the challenges that make your job harder every day. Being an emergency physician isn't easy, and we want to help you shoulder the load.

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