August 25, 2023

ACEP Urges Hospitals to Protect EPs During APP Transition

In the days after APP’s closure, ACEP sent letters to approximates 130 hospitals nationwide, urging them to put the consideration of the emergency physicians and the care of the communities first in their considerations.

With a quick crowdsourcing effort, ACEP was able to map most of these hospitals’ new contracts and used our influence to put pressure on the administrators to be accountable and consider many of ACEP’s long-standing policies as they move forward.

“ACEP continues to urge responsibility from all recent, current, and future employers, asking that you do everything within your means to ensure emergency physicians providing care during this difficult time are (1) appropriately compensated per their original or current contract and (2) protected by the continuation of their malpractice coverage and other benefits, and (3) assured of your commitment to them and the continuity of care for their patients,” the letter states in part.

Read the full letter. This is one of the ways ACEP is supporting its members through this disruptive, unexpected closure. 

We continue to tackle the issues that matter most to you. You fight for your patients. We’ll fight for you.

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