October 4, 2023

ACEP Files Notice of Appearance in American Physician Partners' Bankruptcy Case

This morning, ACEP filed a Notice of Appearance in the American Physician Partners bankruptcy case. While ACEP is neither a party nor a creditor, because of the bankruptcy's effect on our members, filing this notice allows ACEP to attend hearings, receive court notices, and file motions, objections or other legal documents pertinent to the case. Further, it sends an important message to the Court, trustees and other parties that ACEP is watching the case and will take action to protect the interests of our members, as needed. 

ACEP is arranging a meeting in at ACEP23 in Philadelphia, inviting any attendees affected by the bankruptcy (or those who want to proactively protect themselves against possible future actions) to discuss their concerns and struggles. Bankruptcy and benefits experts from the law firm of Barnes & Thornburg will lead the discussion and field questions.

Legal Discussion on Your Next Steps After APP Bankruptcy
10-11 AM | Wednesday, October 11
Philadelphia Convention Center, 200 Level, 201A

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