July 14, 2023

ACEP Announces New Policy Statement on Corporate Practice of Medicine

ACEP has approved a new policy statement on the corporate practice of medicine, bolstering the organization’s commitment to protecting and empowering its members.

ACEP believes the physician-patient relationship is the moral center of medicine. The integrity of this relationship must never be compromised.

In addition to this new policy statement, here are some of the other ways ACEP has been fighting for its members this summer:

  • ACEP submitted a statement for the record following the June 8 bipartisan Congressional hearing, “Consolidation and Corporate Ownership in Health Care: Trends and Impacts on Access, Quality, and Costs.”

  • ACEP's AMA delegation helped craft and strongly supported a policy directing the AMA to advocate for a ban on non-compete clauses in employment contracts -- a significant change in AMA’s position, gaining media attention.
  • On an AMA panel discussion, ACEP President-Elect Aisha Terry, MD, MPH, FACEP, spoke passionately about the impact of private equity and outlined the ways ACEP fights to restore physician autonomy and reduce threats from the increasing corporatization of medicine. Read more about how ACEP is protecting EM physicians in a shifting landscape.

While you're catching up, read through our July Board Blog for even more updates.


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