Member Update
April 8, 2022

ACEP Board of Directors Election Slate Finalized

ACEP's Nominating Committee has selected the slate of candidates for 2022. Elections will occur during the Council meeting on Friday, Sep. 30, in advance of ACEP22 in San Francisco.

During this election cycle, there are four Board of Directors positions to be filled. ACEP Council elected two officers at the 2021 Council Meeting and has no open positions this year.


  • Aisha T. Terry, MD, MPH, FACEP (DC) – unopposed

Board of Directors Candidates 

  • William B. Felegi, DO, FACEP (NJ)
  • Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD, FACEP (incumbent - OK)
  • Gabor D. Kelen, MD, FACEP (incumbent - MD)
  • Jeffrey F. Linzer, Sr., MD, FACEP (GA)
  • Kristen McCabe-Kline, MD, FACEP (FL)
  • Henry Z. Pitzele, MD, FACEP (IL)
  • Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP (incumbent - KY)

Selection Process

ACEP's Nominating Committee oversees a deliberative process to select the candidates. Every committee member independently and objectively reviewing each nominee’s supporting documents and curricula vitae to assess their engagement in the specialty of emergency medicine, life experiences, and leadership history. Ideal candidates have more than five years of ongoing membership and a proven history of leadership within ACEP. Learn more.

Floor Candidates

Nominees not selected by the Nominating Committee have the option to seek nomination from the Council floor in accordance with the Council Standing Rules. All floor candidates must notify the Council Speaker of their intentions in writing. Upon receipt of this written notification, the candidate becomes a “declared floor candidate,” with all the rights and responsibilities of candidates otherwise nominated by the Nominating Committee, and must comply with all rules and requirements of the candidates. Learn more.

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