Fellow (FACEP) Status

Established over 40 years ago, the FACEP designation is earned by those committed to the growth and preservation of emergency medicine.

It's a testament to the dedication and hard work of those in the field. It’s a distinction, point of price, badge of honor

Established over 40 years ago, the FACEP designation is earned by those committed to the growth and preservation of emergency medicine.

It's a testament to the dedication and hard work of those in the field. It’s a distinction, point of price, badge of honor


Are you ready to move into next phase of your career by becoming a Fellow?

You’ll need:

  • Three continuous years of ACEP membership
  • Board Certification in EM the ABEM or AOBEM or Pediatric EM by ABP
  • Three years of active involvement in EM (exclusive of residency training)
  • Proven, active involvement in three or more areas of leadership


Criteria for Election to Fellow Status

Fellows of the College shall meet the following criteria

Be regular, life, honorary, or international members for three continuous years immediately prior to election and must have been certified in emergency medicine at the time of election by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine, or in pediatric emergency medicine by the American Board of Pediatrics. Maintenance of Fellow status requires continued membership in the College. In addition, the following requirements demonstrating evidence of high professional standing must be met by candidates some time during their professional career prior to application.

  • At least three years of active involvement in emergency medicine as the physician's chief professional activity, exclusive of training, and;
  • Satisfaction of at least three of the following individual criteria during their professional career:
    1. active involvement, beyond holding membership, in voluntary health organizations, organized medical societies, or voluntary community health planning activities or service as an elected or appointed public official;
    2. active involvement in hospital affairs, such as medical staff committees, as attested by the emergency department director or chief of staff;
    3. active involvement in the formal teaching of emergency medicine to physicians, nurses, medical students, out-of-hospital care personnel, or the public;
    4. active involvement in emergency medicine administration or departmental affairs;
    5. active involvement in an emergency medical services system;
    6. research in emergency medicine;
    7. active involvement in ACEP chapter activities as attested by the chapter president or chapter executive director;
    8. member of a national ACEP committee, the ACEP Council, or national Board of Directors;
    9. examiner for, director of, or involvement in test development and/or administration for the American Board of Emergency Medicine or the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine;
    10. a published scientific article or reference material in the field of emergency medicine in a recognized journal or book.

Provision of documentation of the satisfaction of the above criteria is the responsibility of the candidate and determination of the satisfaction of these criteria shall be by the Board of Directors of ACEP or its designee. Fellows shall be authorized to use the letters FACEP in conjunction with professional activities. Fees, procedures for election, and reasons for termination of Fellows shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Application for Fellow Status

Members applying for fellow status must do so on the official application form approved by the Board of Directors for the current year (PDF) or by completing the online form. The completed application, all required documentation and the non-refundable fellow application fee of $200.00 must be submitted at the same time. Applicants who indicate their compliance by utilizing criteria “2” and/or “7” described above must submit letters, on appropriate letterhead, from the emergency department director or chief of staff; or their chapter president or executive director. Applications take 4–6 weeks to process.

Recognition of Election to Fellow Status

Members who apply and are approved for Fellow status can start using the FACEP designation immediately.

New Fellows approved by August 15 will be acknowledged officially at Scientific Assembly. All newly elected FACEPs will receive an official Fellow certificate and medallion approximately 6 weeks after application approval.

Continued membership in the College is required to maintain Fellow status and the use of the FACEP designation. Fellows whose memberships expire immediately lose Fellow status in the College and the right to use the FACEP designation.

For more information on Fellow status, call or text Member Services at 888-817-2237, or email us here.



  • From the time I joined ACEP which was the day I was accepted to medical school, it was always a goal of mine to be a Fellow of the College.

    - Jennifer L’Hommedieu Stankus, MD, JD, FACEP

  • Getting that Fellow status from the College was a career goal for me.

    - Hans R. House, MD, FACEP

  • It’s essentially a stamp of approval and a seal of excellence that I knew I needed in order to complete the entire process of training and start my career in emergency medicine.

    - Aisha T. Terry, MD, FACEP


Join the ranks of extraordinary peers like those featured in ACEP Now’s FACEPs in the Crowd! And be sure to tell us about your passion projects outside the ED.

Serious beekeeper who manages nine "amazing hives"

Heidi Knowles, MD, FACEP

Champion crossword puzzle constructor from New York

Zachary David Levy, MD, FACEP

High performance driver and lover of "lemons racing"

Irene Tien, MD, FACEP

Medical Society

Example 1

As a Member of the Board of Directors of the Sonoma-Mendocino-Lake Medical Association, I help lead the organization in its efforts to engage and support local

physicians. Additionally, through a number of advocacy efforts at the State level, we lead the effort to help shape legislature in a way that serves our patients and also preserves autonomy and longevity for physicians.

Example 2

I served as an Alternate delegate to AMA as the EM representative to the Resident and Fellow Section.

Volunteer Health Organization

Example 1

Rochester is the 3rd largest national hub for national organization that flies veterans to Washington DC to see the memorials built in their honor. Rochester branch flies 60

veterans + 60 guardians + 25 support volunteers 6 times a year for a 2 day visit to DC. I am on the medical advisory board, write protocols for health and safety, screen

veteran health forms, expedited medically fragile veterans, and arrange accommodations for health and safety on each mission.

Example 2

Michigan COVID-19 Mortality Review Committee - Participant in both the Detroit Region and State Level Duties include monthly meeting attendance, completing review

forms prior to meetings, and review of relevant health records and other documents particular to a selection of COVID-19 related deaths. The goal is to identify the avoidable

and modifiable factors (including discrimination) that may be associated with each death and develop preventability recommendations that will lead to action.

Example 1 Letter

(Must be on letterhead)

I am honored to write this letter of recommendation for #### for recommendation as a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. I first met ##### twenty years ago as a co-medical student and have worked with him as a partner at ############ for the past ten years, where I have also served as medical director for the past eight years.

During ###### tenure, he has become an integral team member as both an excellent

clinician and physician leader. ###### has a great rapport with patients and is well-respected by staff. He regularly receives compliments from patients, families, and staff regarding his patient care.

#####  has held leadership positions, including being our representative for the Trauma

Committee, clinical scheduler, and several other key roles that have improved patient care. His work has helped drive our hospital to one of the best-performing hospitals in the region.

Example 2 Letter

(Must be on letterhead)

To Whom it May Concern:

This letter confirms that ######## is a member in good standing tin the department of Emergency Medicine at ##### and is an active member of the Workplace Violence Committee at #####. She has contributed at monthly meetings and has been involved in our 2023 worksite workplace violence assessment.

### is an active educator in our department and has been instrumental in organizing out pediatric simulation efforts for students, residents, and staff. This has been very well received.

Give her activities, I fully support her application for fellowship status in the American College of Emergency Physicians. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Example 1

I teach both residents and medical students on a regular basis in the Emergency Department for the past ten years. I also have high school and college students shadow me in the Emergency Department.

Example 2

Aside from my group leadership role, I am involved in teaching/mentoring our newer physicians and PA’s. I write a monthly clinical digest highlighting updates to workflow pathways and quality updates and best morsels.

Example 1

Medical Executive Committee

Attended monthly Medical Executive Committee meetings where department chairs, hospital administration provide updates on status and changes happening within their departments. Meetings allow Hospital and Medical Staff time to assess how well or poorly our hospital is doing in regard to providing patient care. During meetings we discuss issues of concern and provide thoughts on solutions. We also discuss coordination of care between departments and how to reduce adverse patient outcomes.

Example 2

Director of Emergency Ultrasound

Involved in all aspects of emergency medicine point-of-care ultrasound from quality assurance, device purchasing, residency education, credentialing, billing, curriculum development and interacting with interdepartmental/inter-institutional stakeholders in point-of-care ultrasound.

Example 1

Continuous working group that interfaces with EMS and ED services to trouble shoot, improve processes, and promote cooperation between the two services.

Example 2

Medical Communications and patient transport (interfacility transport services) co-medical director – coordinating the medial communications and EMS liaison for hospital as well as establishing and expanding a full interfacility transport system between other facilities.

Example 3

Pediatric medical director for #### EMS. Advising their medical director and educators on the most up-to-date recommendations in pediatric EMS care.

Example 1

Nelson M, Chavda Y, Stankard B, McCann-Pineo M, Nello A, Jersey A. Using Ultrasound to Determine Optimal Location for Needle Decompression of Tension

Pneumothorax. A Pilot Study. Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2022;0(0). doi:10.1016/j.jemermed.2022.08.004 Using POCUS we determined that the optimal location for needle decompression may not be the 2nd ICS MCL but the 5th ICS on MAL.

Example 2

I was the lead author of [article citation] with abstract published in Prehospital Emergency Care [citation]. Research investigated how ambient temperature in ambulances led to cold IV fluids in summer and winter months, even in a warm environment.

Example 3

### University’s Department of Emergency Medicine Innovation and Discovery in the Emergent and Acute Sciences (IDEAS) Scholar for 2023: Scholars are responsible

for completing a full grant proposal at the 12 month program's end. Poster presentations and oral presentation at World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine in

Killarney, Ireland - topics on ballistic education, triage research and radiation education. Abstracts published in Cambridge Prehospital and Disaster Medicine May 2023

Example 1

(Letter must be on chapter letterhead)

I am writing in support of ##### for Fellowship status with the American College of Emergency Physicians. I believe ### is an exceptional candidate for this honor.

As the current President of the ### Chapter, I have had the opportunity to work closely with ###. When the ## chapter created a new Education Subcommittee last year, ### eagerly volunteered to become the Chair. In this role, she has created a mentoring program for medical students at the ####. Students interested in a career in Emergency Medicine have been linked to ACEP members throughout the state due to this exciting program. ### also initiated sa statewide, bimonthly Journal Club for our ### members.

### leadership and initiative have been vital to the work we are doing at the ### I wholeheartedly recommend ### for Fellowship status in ACEP.

Example 2

(Letter must be on chapter letterhead)

On behalf of the ###, I am pleased to offer my recommendation of ### for Fellowship recognition by the college.

## has been a member of the ### since 2014 and an active participant in our chapter’s activities. Chapter Board meetings are open to all members, and ### has attended many as an enthusiastic and important participant. She has also been a member of our Government Affairs Committee for several years and has served as an alternate councilor to ACEP council.

### highly encourages our members to be active and engaged, and as a result we are pleased to offer our support to ### for FACEP recognition

Example: National Committee Member

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee

EMRA representative 2017-18, Committee member 2017 – present

Example: Council

#### Chapter

Alternate Councillor 2020

Councillor 2021-2022.

Example: Board Prep


Section Editor for PEERprep since Mach 2019. Writing and editing questions.


State your role, the years you were in that role, and a brief description of what you accomplished.

Example 1

Publication Title: "Virtual Town Hall Meetings to Convey Emergency Medicine Residency Program Information to Students." "Recommendation for consideration of virtualoptions for teaching procedural skills."Article Title or Chapters: JetEM. WestJem. JACEP Open. AEM Educ TrainInvolvement:Multiple publications regarding medical education within EM as well as wilderness medicine. Journal of Education & Teaching in Emergency Medicine (JETem) Peer reviewerAcademic Emergency Medicine Education and Training (AEM-ET) Peer reviewer Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal Reviewer-in-training Journal of GraduateMedical Education Peer-Review

Example 2

Publication Title: JMIR InfodemiologyArticle Title or Chapters: Integrating Google Trends Search Engine Query Data Into Adult Emergency Department Volume Forecasting: Infodemiology Study.Involvement:I was the PI and lead contributor in the following activities: conceptualization of study, data collection, data analysis, manuscript writing, management of publication process

Example 3

Publication Title: Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

Article Title or Chapters: Mass-Gathering Medical Care in Electronic Dance Music Festivals Involvement: First author, retrospectively reviewed mass gathering events with analysis of patient encounters and transport rates, as well as extensive literature review

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