Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment

Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Component

What ABEM requires

  • Complete LLSA activities in each 5-year certification cycle.

ABEM is the authority on how to complete LLSA. It’s easy to find out what you need to do.

How ACEP can help you meet these requirements

We’ve built an LLSA “reading room” where you can get the articles each LLSA activity is based on. Click a link to start reading!

EM LLSA Reading Lists LLSA Article Summaries from Critical Decisions

The LLSA Literature Review in Critical Decisions is a monthly feature in Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine written by faculty and residents of the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency. Each is a brief summary of an LLSA article accompanied by a list of key teaching points. Now, as a benefit of your ACEP membership, you may have all current summaries as compiled for Critical Decisions subscribers.

The 2023 LLSA Literature Review (PDF) The 2022 LLSA Literature Review (PDF)The 2021 LLSA Literature Review (PDF)The 2020 LLSA Literature Review (PDF) The 2019 LLSA Literature Review (PDF)
EMS LLSA Reading Lists MED TOX LLSA Reading Lists PED EM LLSA Reading Lists Article recommendations from the Academic Affairs Committee Other LLSA Tools
  • We recommend that you explore HippoEM LLSA Tools.
    • From ACEP and Hippo Education
    • ABEM LLSA articles are packed with information and pearls, but for a busy emergency physician, prepping for the LLSA test can feel like a chore.
    • Let us do the heavy lifting. Join HippoEM for excellent education and great entertainment.
    • We review each paper and walk through a sample test.
    • Review quick and easy summaries or dig into each article in depth. Either way, you'll never see LLSA the same way again.
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