EMTALA Webinar Series


Over the years, uncertainty has arisen from interpretations of this complex federal law and how it applies to various aspects of the practice of emergency medicine. EMTALA investigators cite hospitals for a wide range of practices found to violate EMTALA. Emergency physicians face medical liability risks for actions deemed to violate EMTALA, making it paramount that they understand the law, how it's enforced, and how it applies to their everyday practice. This series will provide you with the know-how for navigating EMTALA. Brought to you by the ACEP Medical-Legal Committee.

EMTALA webinars now available on-demand in the Online Learning Center:

Webinar 1 - EMTALA: Overview and Evolution

Webinar 2 - EMTALA: Why EMTALA is Actually GOOD for Emergency Physicians

Webinar 3 - EMTALA: EMTALA and the Medical Screening Exam

Webinar 4 - EMTALA: Minimizing Risk of EMTALA Violations During Transfers

Webinar 5 - EMTALA: Managing Psychiatric Patients in the ED under EMTALA

Webinar 6 - EMTALA: The EMTALA Complaint Process

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