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August 21, 2020

The Future of Emergency Medicine – The Pandemic Factor

This summit, “The Future of Emergency Medicine – The Pandemic Factor”, brought together leaders across the College to discuss the future of emergency medicine in four main areas – people (workforce), patients, practice, and payment. A speaker and panel addressed each domain, making suggestions about the areas on which ACEP would need to focus its efforts in the future. Following the panel discussion, audience members had the opportunity to make comments and ask questions

Dr. Bill Jaquis, ACEP's president, served as moderator for the four sessions. Session presenters and panelists included:

People Session (Workforce)
Carlos Carmargo, Jr., MD, FACEP - Lead Presenter
Catherine Marco, MD, FACEP
Dan Freess, MD, FACEP
Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP
Liam Yore, MD, FACEP


Patients Session
Kelly Grey-Eurom, MD, MMM, FACEP - Lead Presenter
Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP
Steve Stack, MD, MBA, FACEP
Todd Taylor, MD, FACEP
Anne Zink, MD, FACEP


Practice Session
Judd Hollander, MD, FACEP - Lead Presenter
Erik Blutinger, MD, MSc
Arjun Venkatesh, MD, FACEP
Michael Wadman, MD, FACEP


Payment Session
Mike Granovsky, MD, FACEP - Lead Presenter
Ed Gaines, JD, CCP
Heather Marshall, MD, FACEP
Lisa Maurer, MD, FACEP
Sue Nedza, MD, MBA, FACEP


Preparing for the Next Pandemic


In the second summit, “Preparing for the Next Pandemic,” panelists will discuss what was done during the COVID-19 crisis that worked and didn’t work and what emergency medicine as a specialty should do to better handle the next pandemic. There will be eight one-hour sessions – Communications, Data and Analysis, Deployment and Distribution of Physicians and Other Health Care Workers, Disparities and Vulnerable Populations, Information Flow, Research, Supply Chain, and Workforce Support and Sustainability.

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