Opioids - Patient Education Handouts

Patient Education Handouts

General Instructional Materials

Narcotic prescribing instructions

Prescribing Pain Medication in the ED. Patient educational information approved by the ACEP Board of Directors for distribution to the patient after the medical screening exam.

ED Waiting Room Posters on Prescribing Pain Medications May Violate EMTALA. This article includes a statement from CMS region 4 office on the use of “pain” posters in the ED. ACEP Now. January 2014


SAMHSA. Opioid Overdose Toolkit: Information for Prescribers.The toolkit provides information on patient assessment, use of state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), treatment agreements, safeguards before prescribing, naloxone prescription consideration, overdoses, liability, and prescriber resources.

SAMHSA. Opioid Overdose Toolkit: Facts for Community Members, Safety Advice for Patients & Family Members Recovering from Opioid Overdose.


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