National Strategic Plan for ED Management of H1N1 Influenza

Documents to help you handle H1N1:

About the Presenters:

RungeJeffrey W. Runge, MD, FACEP, has decades of clinical, research, leadership and administrative experience. In addition to seven years as the head of two government agencies with as many as 1000 employees and contractors under his direction, he brings nearly 30 years of experience as an emergency medicine physician. Until 2001 he practiced and taught in North Carolina’s busiest emergency department and trauma center, while performing research in injury prevention, trauma care, and emergency service delivery.

Dr. Runge became the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) first Chief Medical Officer, where he led the reorganization of biodefense operations into a new Office of Health Affairs. To execute this mission, Dr. Runge and his team worked across traditional boundaries in government and the private sector to bring together various stakeholders in biodefense and medical preparedness on behalf of DHS.

His leadership and innovation in road traffic safety brought him to Washington as the head of NHTSA, where he instituted programs that led to the first absolute declines in U.S. motor vehicle deaths in nearly a decade and the lowest highway fatality rate in history. His emphasis on safety belt use using the innovative "Click It or Ticket" program led to national belt use over 80%, saving over 3000 lives a year.  Dr. Runge’s focus on rollover crashes using the 5-star rating program and crash avoidance technology led to an industry-wide redesign of SUVs to improve their safety as family vehicles.  His expertise in road safety and emergency medical service delivery remains highly valued by government and the private sector.  

CantrillStephen V. Cantrill, M.D., FACEP,is  an emergency physician from Denver, Colorado who recently retired from serving as  the Associate Director of Emergency Medicine at Denver Health  Medical Center  for 18 years.  He was also the Director of the Colorado BNICE WMD Training Program at the Denver Health  for more than 5 years. Dr. Cantrill has lectured nationally and internationally on many topics including weapons of mass destruction, disasters and disaster management and has been involved in disaster management education for more than two decades.

He served as the regional medical coordinator for Denver’s participation in Operation TopOff 2000. He has also been involved in weapons of mass destruction training for Colorado and has participated in the planning for multiple mass gathering events, including the Denver Papal visit and the Denver Summit of Eight world economic conference. He has testified at U.S. Senate Committee hearings on bioterrorism preparedness.

He has recently served as the principal investigator on an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality regional surge capacity grant and the AHRQ HAvBED national bed availability project. He  also served as principal investigator on the AHRQ disaster alternate care facility task order. He is a member of the Colorado Governor's Expert Emergency Epidemic Response Committee and the National Biodefense Science Board.  Dr. Cantrill has more than 90 publications and has been the recipient of multiple teaching and clinical excellence awards.

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