ACEP22 Media Coverage


Know the Right Resuscitation for Right-Sided Heart Failure

There's an App for That: Let Technology Do the Work for You

Emergency Medicine Docs Bemoan Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Philadelphia health care workers say they experience violence and assaults ‘constantly’ while on the job

It's Time to Embrace Opioid Addiction Meds in the ED, Experts Say

How Anthem Gets Away With Nonpayment and Denials

Long-Acting Naltrexone Effective in Alcohol Use Disorder

California Hospital Begins Medication Abortions in the ED -- A Possible First

‘Am I a Felon?’ The Fall of Roe v. Wade Has Permanently Changed the Doctor-Patient Relationship

For Female Emergency Docs, Lack of Respect Is Part of the Job

Vomiting/Nausea in the ED? Consider Haloperidol, Study Suggests

ED Docs Seek Accountability for Violence Committed by Patients

ED Video Messaging in Waiting Rooms Helps With COVID Vaccinations

MD and APP-Only Care Benefit Patients in the ED

Opioids Tainted With Mystery Chemical Sparked Flood of Unusual Overdoses

Longer Boarding Times Predict Patient Processing in ED

Novel Head-Up CPR Position Raises Odds of Survival of Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests

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