ACEP in the News

Below are recent major mainstream and health care news articles that feature the American College of Emergency Physicians and its spokespeople.


More Investment in Pediatric Readiness Will Save Lives in the ED

The first set of pediatric readiness recommendations was outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in 2001.

Who will care for older adults? We’ve plenty of know-how but too few specialists

More than 400 geriatric emergency departments have received accreditation from the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Hospitals are struggling to overcome various drug shortages

But for years, there have been crucial drug shortages of things the crash cart is supposed to have stocked like painkillers, overdose reversers, simple saline bags and more. Here's Aisha Terry, presid...

AMA, allies plead for leniency as Medicare pay penalties loom

Doctors who treat Medicare beneficiaries will almost certainly be subject to MIPS penalties if the regulation takes effect as proposed, said Dr. Stephen Epstein, a Boston-based practitioner who spoke ...

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