ACEP in the News

Below are recent major mainstream and health care news articles that feature the American College of Emergency Physicians and its spokespeople.


America's ER Docs Alarmed by Rising Violence From Patients

"Violence in the emergency department continues to threaten and harm emergency physicians and patients," said Dr. Chris Kang, president-elect of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), wh...

Medical Impact of Roe Reversal Goes Well Beyond Abortion Clinics, Doctors Say

‘Here’s the patient in front of me and I’m going to do everything I can for them,’” said Dr. Alison Haddock, an emergency physician in Houston and chair of the board of the American College of Emergen...

Doctors lobby Congress for Medicare payment bump, again

“I think the problem is they’re looking for some silver bullet in terms of fixing the schedule without spending a significant amount of money,” said Jeffrey Davis, director of regulatory affairs at Am...

Emergency Care Can't Stop at the Insurance Denials

Denying payments to physicians on the front lines during a pandemic is unethical, and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and its California chapter are deeply concerned that these tac...

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