Membership is Better Together

Prizes for You, Discounts for Them - Everybody Wins!

ACEP makes it easy for you to find and feel connected to your little corner of our big community. Wouldn't it be great to share that with a friend?

From tools to help you build your CV and mentors in areas that matter most to you, ACEP is the home for all emergency physicians. 

Encourage your friends to join you - every voice matters!

How ACEP+1 Works

  1. Find your unique promo code  - it's your membership number, which is an A followed by 6 digits.
  2. Share it with friends and colleagues who are not current members. If you are unsure, check the membership directory.
    • Choose wisely - the code only works for new, regular members (not medical students, residents, or international). 
    • Just to be crystal clear - the code will NOT work for membership renewals.
  3. Your friends will receive $50 off their ACEP national dues. 
  4. You will be entered into a drawing for each person you recruit - fabulous prizes are listed below.
  5. Your code expires June 30, 2023. We will draw for winners on July 15, 2023.

How You Can Recruit

  • Share your personal ACEP story. What you value most about ACEP and share that in your own words: Friends you’ve made, things you’ve learned, resources you use, fun stories from Scientific Assembly. 
  • Share why you value ACEP during conversations with peers and encourage them to ask questions
  • Forward an ACEP EM Today email, share the latest copy of ACEP Now or Annals and let them know how you found them helpful.
  • Remind yourself of all the great work ACEP does on your behalf.

Need more help? See the helpful ACEP resources below.

Recruiting New to Practice (first three years of membership after Residency or Fellowship)

  • Discounted Dues: Your rates are discounted 75 percent in your first year, 50 percent in your second and 25 in your third. Most Chapters also discount dues in the first three years of practice
  • Path to Leadership: ACEP Committees, Sections and Chapters have numerous volunteer opportunities, even before your training ends
  • FACEP Eligible: Membership for three years meets the minimum requirement to apply for Fellow designation
  • At The Bedside: Clinical Policies and Point of Care tools through the ACEP app make your care for patients easier
  • Publications: Annals of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine Today and ACEP Now keep you current in scientific research and EM events and trends

Recruiting Attendings (Mid-Career)

  • Feed Your Passion: Plug into communities such as Sections, the new and free Member Interest Groups and Committees
  • Discounts: Network and learn from the best at ACEP meetings – at a discounted rate
  • Wellness: Work-life balance, financial advice and counseling are all available
  • Grow Your Career: National and Chapter level leadership opportunities allow you to serve the specialty while building your leadership skills; career resources help you keep an eye on the job market
  • Something Bigger: Learn to solve problems in your institution, at the state house and at the federal level through ACEP advocacy
  • Stay Current: ACEP’s CME tracker monitors your educational requirement and identifies any gaps in your skillset

Recruiting Attendings (Later in Career)

  • Stay Engaged: ACEP has 40 Sections – including a new Exploring Retirement Section – and several committees and Member Interest Groups to scratch your emergency medicine itch
  • Education Discounts: Free, discounted, and flexible education conferences keep you current and keeps your network strong. Online education discounts are easy on your wallet
  • Give Back: Set up emergency medicine for future success by staying active and engaged in your medical professional society; ACEP’s new strategic plan has built the roadmap
  • Financial Advice: Retirement planning keeps your financial health on the right track

Fabulous Prizes

Make sure your friends use your code when they join. The more friends you recruit, the more times your name will go in the hopper.

Grand Prize

  • ACEP23 Registration, Airfare and Hotel
    (1 winner) 

Pretty Cool Prizes

  • Oura Smart Ring with 1-year membership
    (1 winner)
  • ACEP Membership for 1 Year
    (2 winners)

Also Awesome Prizes

  • Virtual ACEP22
    (2 winners)
  • $100 GrubHub Gift cards
    (5 winners)
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