August 15, 2022

Grow Your Network with Dr. Goodloe's Tips

Networking and making new friends in the specialty is one of the best parts about ACEP events like the upcoming 2022 Scientific Assembly, but it's also a bit mysterious. How exactly does one "work the room" and start conversations with strangers? It can feel unnatural, right?

We decided to ask ACEP Board of Directors Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Goodloe, MD, FACEP, for his best tips.

Goodloe's Good Advice

ACEP22 is going to be incredible. The educational content, the committee and section meetings, the Research Forum, the exhibits, and so much more. Those are all going to be predictably uplifting and so valuable to all of us as emergency physicians. That’s the what, of course. It’s the who that makes the event incredible, and the who can be you.  

Make a goal to meet at least 10 new emergency physicians in San Francisco. You’ll be pleasantly surprised who you might come across in the hallways, in the sessions, at the hotels or anywhere in between. You'll run into people that you trained with in medical school, residency, or fellowship, and those re-connections can be a great time to catch up on both professional and personal life events. 

The new introductions are where some unplanned magic can happen! All it takes is a friendly face, a smile, and something as simple as “Hi, I’m Jeff Goodloe, from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Where do you practice?” Even if it’s a quick conversation, you’ve just met another EM brother or sister, and now perhaps in a city where you have family or friends,  you like to visit, or perhaps even that you’ve thought about being a future career move location. Or you might quickly find that it’s not geography but a common interest you share in type of practice – size of hospital, type of group, academics, EMS, tox, or all the other EM possibilities. You could find a fellow aficionado in a sports team, a hobby, a craft, or so many other parts of life.

Honestly, some of my best friends today have come from “Hello, I’m…” introductions at ACEP events!

What meetings should you check out? Anything that interests you! If it sounds exciting to you, then it probably sounded exciting to the others attending it. That’s a natural connection point to start a conversation. 

If you come to our EMS Section or EMS Committee meeting, it’s the most natural thing in the world to introduce yourself and ask any of us about the EMS system(s) we get to serve as medical directors, clinical educators, consultants, etc. That often leads to questions about how you developed an interest in EMS. And then, we’re off to sharing “war stories” about the adventures we’ve had! The same applies to nearly every other interest area of EM – peds, rural, wellness, diversity/health equity/inclusion, etc.

When it comes to networking at ACEP22, 90 percent really is “just showing up” as they say!  Add the 10 percent of meeting at least 10 new emergency physicians, and you’ll be 100% happy you’ve come to San Francisco. Once you’ve met 10, it will be even easier to meet another 10 if you’re game. Don’t forget to share some new friend pics on your social media using #ACEP22. We all like to see how much fun can happen at the biggest ACEP gathering of the year.

Look me up, I’d be thrilled to be among one of your new friends!


YPs Weigh In

"I have a separate contact card on my phone that is my professional business card. Makes it easier to share my contact information with new people I meet while giving me more control over what information is shared. I have my degrees on my name on that contact so it's easy for me to know which is my personal phone contact and which is my professional one."

- Scott Pasichow, MD, FACEP | YPS Councillor


"Sign up for at least one skills workshop.  They are always high-quality, and this is a great way to polish your skills while working hands-on with peers from across the country.  These are typically run by people you want to know."

- John Corker, MD, FACEP | YPS Immediate Past President


"It’s never easy to to break into a group of people you don’t know. Either dive in head first or utilize someone you know to introduce you to the rest of the group!" 

- Ed Descallar, MD, FACEP | YPS Chair Elect

"Come to our YPS meeting! This is a unique opportunity to get all of your peers into one room, some of whom have been involved for quite some time. We've invited various influential leaders in ACEP and have a networking happy hour planned. It's built-in ice-breaking for YP's who may be newish to ACEP."
- John Corker, MD, FACEP | YPS Immediate Past President

"I’ve never been great at faking small talk, so my best advice is that when you’re meeting people, find something they know about that you have genuine interest in— their hobby, where they live, if they’ve eaten at an interesting restaurant lately, etc. This will keep you engaged in the conversation without feeling like you’re “networking” and will help you remember something about the person that you can tap into later."

- Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH, FACEP | YPS Legislative Advisor

"Being in a two-doctor relationship can be challenging. Making sure that every move is a step forward in both of our careers is almost impossible. ACEP and meeting connections have helped me every step of the way. There is always someone in a local market who can give you a lay of the land, and this was how I found my current job. This is also great to ensure that you're finding the opportunity that is the best fit for your personality and practice style."

- Scott Pasichow, MD, FACEP | YPS Councillor
"Give to NEMPAC! It's important because your contributions help us support candidates who are friendly to medicine, and our influence is greater with your support. In addition, at certain giving levels, you can get an invite to the NEMPAC VIP reception and/or access to the NEMPAC VIP lounge throughout the meeting. Everyone who's anyone will be there."
- John Corker, MD, FACEP | YPS Immediate Past President
"Introduce yourself and explain your interest for the field of emergency medicine. You never know when a networking opportunity turns into an advisor. If it’s someone you want to keeping in touch with, schedule a time to meet with them. Advisors can become your advocates! Having an advocate in your corner is more important than ever."
- Sara Andrabi, MD, FACEP| YPS Past Secretary
"Contact your residency program or affiliated group to see if they're organizing networking dinners.  These are common in the evenings, and a great way to touch base with some friendly, familiar faces while away from home."
- John Corker, MD, FACEP | YPS Immediate Past President
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