June 16, 2021

MyEMCert: What We Need to Know

By Whitney Faulconer, DO, YPS Secretary

On March 31, ABEM opened the first MyEMCert modules: abdominalpelvic, abnormal vital signs and shock, trauma and bleeding. These 50 question, open-book modules will replace the LLSA and the ConCert exam requirements to recertify in EM. The new recertification process is now every five years and requires:

  • One Improvement in Medical Practice activity
  • Four (4) MyEMCert modules @ $350/ea
  • Annual Fee $280/year with a $140 late fee due Dec 31 of that year

For those whose certification is a 10 year expiry, the new process does not start until your current certification expires, although you can now substitute a MyEMCert module for your LLSAs if desired for the next four years and MyEMCert modules will be required for the next.

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As ACEP members, we receive a discount on PEERcert+ modules that are designed specifically to prepare for MyEMCert. 

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