April 20, 2021

Chair's Corner: Workforce, Job Hunting, Contracts and More


In case you missed it, ACEP recently conducted a web-based summit discussing findings and next steps stemming from a 2-year collaborative effort to study and project EM Workforce trends.

The bottom line: We are staring down the barrel of a surplus of EM physicians with dwindling job prospects and seemingly continuous challenges to the gold standard model of physician-led care.

These findings are concerning, and we must act fast to address and reverse these trends.  Most importantly, we must work together to do so in a positive and productive manner; asking tough questions, and willing to make tough decisions focused on lasting solutions.  This is the only way that we will turn things around in the best interest of our patients and colleagues.

To that end, stay tuned in the coming months as we tackle this very topic on an upcoming episode of our new webcast series, EM LIFERS. In our inaugural episode last month, we spoke with a panel of experts about the challenges and opportunities present in the current EM job market. In future episodes, we will discuss contract negotiation, alternative careers in EM, the challenges and personal successes of pursuing IVF in order to start a family later in our reproductive window, and much more. Please reach out and send us your ideas of topics that we should cover to address the barriers keeping you from the personal and professional satisfaction needed to become an EM LIFER.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on an opportunity to meet with legislators in Washington, D.C. in July to advocate on these and many other important issues! At the ACEP Legislative and Advocacy Conference, you’ll have a chance to learn the DC policy ropes at the EMRA/YPS Policy Primer, grow your network of EM peers and meet with legislators on Capitol Hill. Don’t miss our YPS Legislative Advisor Dr. Jordan Warchol’s article about LAC21.  I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

As always, please don’t ever hesitate to engage with us, send ideas and let us know how we can best serve you. Thank you to each of you for all that you do.


John R. Corker, MD

YPS Chair

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