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Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

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Section Officers & Staff

Shashank Ravi, MD, MBA
Alexis Lawrence, MD
Newsletter Editor
Rohit Sangal, MD
Website Editor
Ramana Feeser, MD
Immediate Past Chair
Venkatesh Bellamkonda, MD, FACEP
Bobby Redwood, MD, MPH
Alternate Councillor
William Dalsey, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison
Aisha Terry, MD, FACEP
Staff Liaison
Joseph Kennedy

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Section

A section where all ACEP members who are interested in continuous quality improvement and patient safety may share and develop a base of knowledge and improve the quality of patient care.

COVID-19 Resources


ACEP COVID-19 Field Guide

The ACEP COVID-19 Field Guide provides a table of contents with information on Home Safety, Work Safety including ACEP statements on PPE, EMS, Triage, Patient Presentation, Assessment, Diagnosis, Risk Stratification, Treatment, Special Populations, Business, Regulations & Liability, Personal Well-Being and Resilience, and Impact on Education, Licensure and Credentialing 



EMCrit Resource

The EMCrit resource was prepared by Josh Farcas and provides a COVID-19 Internet Book on Critical Care (IBCC) overview for EMCrit that covers Basic Biology, Infection Control, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis, Disposition and PItfalls



Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines on Critically Ill Adults with COVID-19

Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines on the Critically Ill Adults with COVID-19 created by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign COVID-19 panel which included 36 experts from 12 countries and in this document issued 54 statements, 4 of which are best practice statements and 9 are strong recommendations and covered topics of infection control, laboratory diagnosis and specimens, hemodynamic support, ventilator support and COVID-19 therapy.



This is a high-priority list of COVID-19 resources that ACEP QIPS is compiling to provide easy access to our section members. Recommendations and guidelines referenced here are the sole responsibility of the authors, may not be evidence based and do not serve as standards of medical care. Variations in treatment may be required, based on individual circumstances, and the information here may need to be adapted based on clinical judgment and availability of resources.

QIPS in the News

Help us celebrate you!  Send us your editorial, peer review paper, news story, televised lecture or accomplishments as they relate to quality improvement and patient safety.

February 2020 Newsletter Highlight

Letter from the Chair

Dear QIPS Members,


I am excited to serve as Chair of the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) section for the upcoming year. I would first like to thank Dr. Venk Bellamkonda for his wonderful leadership as chair over this past year, working to expand the reach of QIPS by multiple collaborations with other sections across ACEP. As your current QIPS leadership group looks towards the upcoming year, one of our top priorities will be continuing the push to engage our over 350 members in the section. I have experienced first hand the unique talents and expertise that each member of our section possesses through past webinars and scientific assembly talks. We as a section want to continue providing avenues for our members to both provide knowledge and exchange experiences throughout the year. We will be sending out a survey shortly asking for your input how the section can better serve your needs in your professional roles as well as overall interests. We are eager to hear your ideas, so please take the 2 minutes to respond! We will also be launching an improved website with a discussion board to help facilitate the continuous exchange of ideas on topics related to quality improvement and patient safety.

QIPS is a vast area that overlaps with the work of many other sections and organizations within ACEP, and thus we are always open to continue our trend of collaborating with groups and projects outside QIPS that you as a member may be involved in. There are a variety of resources that QIPS can offer, including ACEP Section grants that all QIPS members can apply for. I look forward to hearing from many of you as we focus on member outreach, and growing and strengthening our QIPS community.





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QIPS TIPS #33: Falling for You!
Shari Welch , MD, FACHE, FACEP 

As you now know, in 2008 CMS identified ten categories of conditions that will no longer be reimbursed. The implementation of this rule is now being felt by hospitals and providers. On a gut level the change does not seem unreasonable. The new rule basically says that if something bad happens to a patient in the hospital, the hospital does not get paid to treat that condition. These so-called Hospital Acquired Conditions include one entity particularly relevant for the emergency department: Falls and Trauma.

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