July 26, 2022

Quality Updates from the Emergency Quality Network (E-QUAL)

E-QUAL is a collaborative-driven, practice change network tailored to the unique environment of emergency medicine. Founded in 2015 as part of the CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, ACEP has rapidly grown E-QUAL to include over 1,000 EDs and 30,000 emergency clinicians in national learning networks focused on national health priorities that demonstrate the value of emergency care.  It is designed to achieve higher quality patient outcomes at lower cost by creating and accumulating meaningful tools targeted at emergency clinicians and quality improvement leaders to advance local quality improvement efforts focused on high-impact areas that demonstrate the value of emergency care like reducing harm from opioids. E-QUAL is designed to study methods of quality improvement implementation and discover “what is working” to improve patient care. E-QUAL disseminates evidence-based practices using well recognized methods in implementation science and emergency care. EDs will voluntarily participate in the E-QUAL Stroke Collaborative offered annually and in alignment with existing financial and policy incentives. To minimize provider burden but maximize the national reach and scale of our efforts, virtually all educational products, data collection and benchmarking activities, and best practice dissemination are conducted virtually through a custom E-QUAL online portal. 

The QIPS leadership team is working hard to help align the work of the College with that of our section and hope to use these newsletters as a conduit for disseminating all the amazing work that the team is creating.  Check out the following project updates regarding opioid prescribing, stroke care, atrial fibrillation management, and ruptured AAA.  For more information about E-QUAL and to reach out to a member of the team to learn more, please visit the link here.