January 31, 2022

YPS Works to Make Changes: Recapping ACEP21 Council Results

It was another successful year for our Young Physicians Section at the ACEP21 Council Meeting. But before we get into the specifics, let’s start with the process.

For those unfamiliar with how the Council governs ACEP – and how we represent the Young Physicians Section within the Council – here’s how it works:

The ACEP Council is the foundation of ACEP’s democratic process, and the annual Council Meeting is where many current and upcoming issues for the specialty come up for deliberation. Through the resolution process, all ACEP members can get involved in key decisions that affect the work of the College in the years to come.

The Council is composed of EM physicians who represent different entities within our specialty, including one voting member from each ACEP section – that’s where YPS comes in. Our councillor and alternate councillor participate in conversations ahead of the meeting to decide what resolutions we support, and we vote accordingly.

ACEP received more resolutions for the 2021 Council Meeting than ever before. Resolutions are formal motions that, if adopted by the Council, will become official Council policy. All ACEP members have the right to submit resolutions for consideration by the Council, as can ACEP chapters, sections, committees, and the Board. Submitting resolutions is a way for nonvoting members to weigh in on issues affecting EM physicians.

As for YPS, we had a successful Council meeting at ACEP21. One important step is that we now have a seat on ACEP’s Nominating Committee that is dedicated to a young physician member. We’re happy to have a representative at the table with this group that nominates candidates for the Board of Directors, president-elect annually and Council.

YPS also supported the work of the Council in:

  • encouraging gender-affirming care in the ED
  • access to COVID vaccines in the ED
  • the creation of a national bureau of firearm injury
  • increased use of interpreters and telehealth in the ED

We also advocated strongly to create a better way of reporting patient injuries sustained during law enforcement interactions and will continue work on this issue in the coming year. A full list of resolutions and results can be found here (ACEP log-in required).

Here is more related 2021 Council news if you’d like to catch up on what happened:

We’re already thinking about what issues YPS wants to support at the ACEP22 Council Meeting. We welcome your input and participation! How can ACEP make your work easier and your life better? What can YPS do for you? Let us know. Want to join us at council 2022? Email me for more information.

Scott Pasichow, MD
YPS Councillor

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