Emage Winners

If you have a cool case with great images, consider submitting your article to our annual Pediatric EM Section EMage Competition. The deadline for the EMage photo contest is May 15, 2024, to allow winners more time to make travel arrangements for presentation of their case at the Pediatric EM Section meeting in October at ACEP24. 

Winners will also receive an ACEP voucher, which can be spent on ACEP products (books, meetings, etc.). First place will receive a $500 ACEP voucher; second place will receive a $250 ACEP voucher; third place will receive a $125 ACEP voucher.

2022 Emage Winners

1st Place Emage Winner: Fragile Skin, Be Careful: Acute Management of Epidermolysis Bullosa

2nd Place Emage Winner: Cardiomyopathy

3rd Place Emage Winner: 3 AM Not Another Teenager Transferred for Persistent Vomiting: Not What You Expected

2021 Emage Winners

2021 1st Place Emage Winner: Abdominal Distention: Prepare for the Worst

2021 2nd Place Emage Winner: Scurvy

2021 3rd Place Emage Winner: Painful Legs

2020 Emage Winners

2020 1st Place Emage Winner: Infant With a Strange Rash

2020 2nd Place Emage Winner: What’s on the Tip of the Tongue?

2020 3rd Place Emage Winner: Teenager With Swollen Eye

PEM Mentorship Program

In collaboration with EMRA, the ACEP Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section is now offering a virtual mentorship program for trainees.

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