ACEP18 Scientific Assembly Course Proposal Form

STEP 1: Agree to the ACEP Course Proposal Process

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The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Educational Meetings Subcommittee is accepting course proposals to review for the 2018 Scientific Assembly in San Diego, CA.

Proposals must be submitted to ACEP by November 1, 2017 and should contain the following:

  • course title
  • brief course description
  • course learning objectives
  • suggested length
  • suggested format (lecture, case presentation, skill lab, panel, etc.)
  • suggested faculty names and contact information
  • other areas of expertise for faculty recommended

When the Educational Meetings Subcommittee convenes to plan Scientific Assembly, they will review all proposals and outline the program and speakers. You may expect a letter in February 2018 letting you know whether or not your proposal will be included. If the subcommittee selects your proposal, the faculty you recommended will be invited to present that course.

The Educational Meetings Subcommittee reviews all proposals and may:

  • accept the proposal as written
  • modify the proposal
  • not offer the proposed course

The Subcommittee considers many factors in making its decision regarding proposals, including data from the latest needs assessment, the subject's appropriateness, attendance figures for courses at previous ACEP meetings, registrants' evaluation of previous courses and faculty, the number of hours allotted to each core content area, the availability of faculty in geographic proximity to the meeting site, and the budget. Please be assured that the subcommittee gives careful consideration to every proposal that is submitted and endeavors to balance proposals for courses with the general membership's educational goals and needs.

Proposals are a valuable contribution to the planning process of these meetings. We look forward to your participation.

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STEP 2: Submit the content below no later than November 1, 2017

Thank you for your interest in ACEP's course proposal process for the ACEP18 Scientific Assembly to be held October 1− 4, 2018 in San Diego, CA. Please provide the following information for review by the Educational Meetings Subcommittee.

= Required items

General Information

Contact Information

Course Information

Suggested Faculty

If you will not be the speaker for this course, or, if you indicated more than one speaker will be needed, please fill out the information below.

Speaker Suggestion #1

Speaker Suggestion #2

Speaker Suggestion #3

Speaker Suggestion #4

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