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Beyond the Basics

Immerse yourself in advanced content that transcends the basics, delving into cutting-edge topics and groundbreaking insights. With 18 diverse courses, there's something to captivate every interest and elevate your expertise.

Look for courses that start with Beyond the Basics to attend these sessions. 

Diagnostic Dilemma

Sharpen your skills by navigating complex clinical scenarios in sessions like high-risk headaches, abdominal pain in pregnancy, and pediatric fractures. With 16 specialized courses, you'll gain deeper insights and advanced knowledge across a variety of critical topics.

Look for courses that begin with Diagnostic Dilemma when planning your schedule.

Game On!

Challenge your knowledge against peers in this exhilarating gamified course series, where educational games unfold in a dynamic, fast-paced setting. Play for a chance to win the ultimate prize: a complimentary registration to ACEP25!

  • Game On! Dermatology Jeopardy
  • Game On! Radiology Jeopardy
  • Game On! Eye Can See the Problem
  • Game On! Head and Neck
  • Game On! ECG Games: Seize the Iron Throne!

Off-Track Sessions

Discover innovative content that goes beyond traditional CME, featuring fresh perspectives from new speakers and unique, thought-provoking topics. Stay ahead of the curve with sessions designed to challenge and expand your knowledge outside of clinical topics. 

Off Track courses will be announced in July.

Coffee House Chats

September 30 

Join us for engaging discussions on significant Advocacy topics while enjoying a cup of coffee. This course room features a relaxed, conversational atmosphere. 

  • Coffee House Chat: Brewing Success in the Transition from Resident to Attending
  • Coffee House Chat: Embracing Diversity in Medicine
  • Coffee House Chat: Innovative Solutions to the ED Nursing Crisis
  • Coffee House Chat: Is it Possible? Future Optimism and Joy in Emergency Medicine
  • Coffee House Chat: What's Next? Strategies for Reinventing Your Career in Uncertain Times
  • Coffee House Chat: Working as a Woman in the ED

Immersive Learning Series

Engage in our immersive learning series to dive deeper into crucial topics. These sessions offer in-depth exploration and advanced insights, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of essential subjects in emergency medicine.

Immersive Learning Series

Hands-On Skills Labs

Experience the ultimate in practical learning with our hands-on skills labs. These interactive sessions provide the opportunity to practice and perfect essential techniques under the guidance of seasoned experts. Gain confidence and competence in real-world scenarios, ensuring you're prepared for any challenge in the emergency department.

View Skills Labs

Featured Named Lectures

  • Is AI Going to Take My Job? (Nancy J. Auer Lecture)
  • Emergency Care Research and Health Policy: Clinical Innovation and Telehealth (Brooks F. Bock Lecture and Abstract Session)
  • (Not) Up Next: Waiting Room Medicine (James D. Mills Memorial Lecture)
  • Strike While The Iron Is Hot: How To Expand Your Independent Group (Colin C. Rorrie, Jr. Lecture)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Where We Are, Where We Are Going, and Best Practices To Get There (Leon L. Haley, Jr. Memorial Lecture)


September 29 - October 2

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