AAWEP’s Power Up: Women in Emergency Medicine Leadership Workshop

Get Your Groove Back

Has the pandemic left you wondering about your future in emergency medicine? Join us for an engaging and interactive pre-conference to reinvent and reinvigorate your passion for medicine and leadership. Leave empowered to transform your own career and with the tools to connect and energize your colleagues. Space is limited! Reserve your spot today as part of your LAC registration.

Conference Details
When: Sunday, April 30, 2023 from 12 pm – 6 pm
Price: $40 
Where: ACEP DC Headquarters 901 New York Ave, NW, Washington DC

Directions to ACEP DC Headquarters, which is just 2 blocks from the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel.

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We have an engaging and interactive program designed to reinvent and reinvigorate your passion for medicine and leadership

You will leave empowered to transform your own career and with the tools to connect and energize your colleagues. Our speaker will be Dr. Dara Kass, emergency physician, advocate for gender equity, founder of FeminEM and current HHS Regional Director for Region 2.

This won't be a series of lectures. We'll have interactive small groups and lots of networking opportunities as well!

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12:30 pm

Registration check-in/Networking lunch

1:30 pm

Welcome, Intros, Why are We Here?

2:00 pm

Keynote: Leading with Passion and Purpose, Dara Kass, MD. 

Dara Kass, MD will share how leading with passion and purpose has shaped her emergency medicine career, from research, academics and clinical practice, to founder of FeminEM, to her current role Regional Director of the US Department of Health and Human Services. A champion for gender equity and the advancement of women in medicine, Dr. Kass’s academic work has focused on creating a more equitable workplace for women in medicine. Most recently, she has shifted focus to policy and public communication empowering Americans to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.  Dr. Kass will give us an inside look at her own career path and how other women emergency physicians can use her experience to change their own lives, and through that, change medicine for the better.

2:30 pm

Q&A with Dr. Kass

Moderator: Andrea Austin, MD, FACEP, AAWEP Section Chair-Elect 

3:00 pm

Breakout groups:

Values & Boundaries

  • Jayne Kendall, MD, FACEP and Andrea Austin, MD, FACEP
  • As emergency medicine physicians, we have meaningful work. Yet, the rate of burnout is extremely high in EM. In this session, we’ll explore how getting clear on your values can unlock opportunities for value alignment at work. We’ll also explore how EM can intrude on normal workplace boundaries, and ways to enhance boundaries both on shift and in administrative tasks. You’ll leave with tangible tools to further explore how values and boundaries can transform both your own and colleagues’ professional fulfillment.

Powering Up: Understanding and Leveraging your Developmental Network

  • Christina Shenvi, MD, PhD, MBA, FACEP
  • Networking is more than schmoozing over wine and cheese. Your network is one of the most powerful sources of influence, growth, and opportunity in your life. In this session, you will map your current network, learn about the distinct significance of weak and strong ties, and identify three concrete goals for developing your network in the coming year.

Self-promotion: the Art of the Elevator Pitch

  • Tina Latimer, MD, MPH, FACEP
  • It takes approximately 7 seconds to make a first impression. From introducing yourself at a networking event to pitching what you need to advance your career, a succinct, and impactful elevator pitch is a must. In this session, you’ll unpack the key ingredients to an elevator pitch and formulate your own elevator pitch.

The Case for Coaching

  • Kendra Morrison, DO & Amanda Dinsmore, MD
  • Coaching is a highly effective tool used in high-level corporate positions and professional sports for years. It takes intelligent people from feeling unfulfilled to feeling invigorated and hopeful. Multiple randomized controlled trials have shown statistically significant results in the well-being of physicians. Participants will identify when and in what situations coaching is beneficial and how to find a coach that is credible and a good fit.

4:30 pm

Break: transition back to large group

4:40 pm

Where Do We Go From Here?

Closing activity: Interactive discussion with participants to guide future women’s leadership opportunities.

5:00 pm

Why Lead Now?

Wine/Cheese with closing discussion panel featuring ACEP Board Members

  • Dr. Aisha Terry, ACEP President-Elect
  • Dr. Gillian Schmitz, ACEP Immediate Past President
  • Dr. Kelly Gray-Eurom, ACEP Council Speaker
  • Dr. Melissa Costello, ACEP Council Speaker -Elect
  • Dr. Alison Haddock, ACEP Immediate Past Board Chair, Director at Large
  • Dr. Heidi Knowles, ACEP Director at Large
  • Dr. Kristin McCabe-Kline, ACEP Director at Large

It is a tumultuous time in healthcare, and women leaders have faced disproportionate challenges during the pandemic. We have seen a drop in women leaders across organizations related to the pandemic, yet the ACEP board and council leaders have bucked this trend! We’ll discuss why now is a crucial time for women to lead and how to thrive as leader.

6:00pm -7:00pm

Rooftop Cocktail Reception

Course Goals

  1. Course participants will leave with an enhanced sense of purpose and agency to reinvent their own careers.
  2. Course participants will strengthen their connections to other women emergency medicine leaders and will contribute to the development of future AAWEP programming including regional and virtual events.

Course Objectives

  1. Develop strategies to reinvent careers that are in line with values, boundaries and priorities that emerged from the pressures of the pandemic.
  2. Design your own development network to leverage loose ties and strengthen close ties to increase career engagement and enhance advancement.
  3. Construct an authentic and engaging elevator pitch that can be used to promote yourself and/or gain attention for a key issue.
  4. Compare various professional relationships and delineate which are best suited for various phases and career challenges.

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