Who Should Attend

ED Directors Academy

This course is designed for ED directors as well as those aspiring to become a director.

  • Phase I is designed to lay the groundwork for your success throughout the Academy and is the place to start your journey.
  • Phase II focuses on bringing your management team together to build teamwork and develop effective plans for your ED, and would including nurse managers and other members of the ED team as attendees as well.
  • Phase III is for those attendees looking to complete the third stage of their Academy journey.

Reimbursement & Coding

These conferences are the must attend for anyone who is involved with emergency medicine medical billing or coding. They will leave you with the information that you need to maintain your hospital's or group's success.

  • Emergency Physicians
  • Hospital Out-Patient Coders
  • Emergency Department Nursing Directors
  • Billing/Coding/Medical Records Professionals
  • Graduating Residents
  • Reimbursement/Practice Management Consultants
  • Emergency Physician Group Managers

Teaching Fellowship - Class II

This conference is designed for those who have completed the first class of a Teaching Fellowship. Registration is only available by invitation to Class I graduates and it not open to the general public.

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