EDD Talks - New Speaker Contest

EDD Talks - New Speaker Contest

Looking for an opportunity to share your ideas with other ED directors? Interested in gaining speaking experience? Craving some friendly competition? Keep reading…


We will give you 10 minutes to present on any ED Director-related topic to a national audience of your peers and an expert panel of EDDA faculty. The winner will receive adulation, respect, and real-time feedback from the audience and EDDA Phase II faculty.  


Any participant planning to attend EDDA Phase II (August 3 - September 22, 2021) who has never lectured at a national ACEP meeting. Any applicant can apply. Selected applicants are required to register for EDDA Phase II. Applications from current or future medical directors, nursing directors, and/or PA directors encouraged! 

Application Process

Those interested must submit

  1. A written summary of the talk and/or topic (120 words max)
  2. A curriculum vitae

Submit your application by 5pm on June 25, 2021.


Selected speakers will be notified by e-mail regarding participation.

The Fine Print

Presentation Rules & Format: Speakers are allowed 10 minutes for their presentation. Speakers must be registered and be available to present at EDDA Phase II: August or September. Presentations will be followed by a brief Q&A and Expert Panel Evaluation. Speakers must comply with the ACEP Presentation Policy, adhere to ACCME guidelines, and maintain respect for the multicultural membership and patients. No product sales are permitted.

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