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Gregory L. Henry


Dr. Henry was a clinical emergency physician staffing at several hospitals in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. He is the former Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Oakwood Hospital – Beyer Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan where he held the position for 21 years. Dr. Henry serves academically as Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Dr. Henry is the past president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. His Presidential year was from October 1995 to October 1996. ACEP is the principal professional society for approximately 40,000 emergency physicians across the United States.

A member of ACEP since 1976, and a member of its Board of Directors for eight years, Dr. Henry has been involved in all aspects of the American College of Emergency Physicians. At the Michigan affiliate of ACEP, the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians, Dr. Henry has held the positions of counselor and treasurer. He has been extremely active with the Government Affairs Committee and serviced as Chairman of the Long Range Policy Committee. Dr. Henry has also been a representative for ACEP through the 'Brain Attack' working group at the National Institute of Health.

Dr. Henry as authored numerous articles and books throughout his career. Currently he is a consultant/reviewer for the ACEP publication, Annals of Emergency Medicine, and has reviewed for the other major journals in emergency medicine. He is on the editorial board for of the publication ED Management. He is the author of several books on neurologic disease and risk management in emergency medicine, as well as over 70 textbook chapters and articles on various aspects of emergency care.

Dr. Henry is a frequent lecturer on topics concerning health policy, risk management, neurologic disease and pain management. He has lectured at over 97 residency programs in emergency medicine, and to over 180,000 emergency physicians as various meetings. He was the winner of the first ACEP Outstanding Speaker of the Year Award (1998-1999). Dr. Henry provides a monthly audio series called Risk Management Monthly, Emergency Medicine that deals with all aspects of medical legal problems.

In addition to his ACEP affiliations, Dr. Henry is a member of the American Medical Association, and has served as the emergency medicine representative to its Specialty Society Medical Liability Project. Dr. Henry has sat on the Professional and Technical Advisory Committee of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. He is also a member of the Michigan State Medical Society, the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, and the Washtenaw County Medical Society.

Dr. Henry received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, and his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1973. Dr. Henry lives with his family in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

His contributions to the field of emergency medicine are legend and he has a keen interest in improving patient safety and risk management as well as neurological disease. His expertise in the field of risk management is beyond comparison. He has reviewed over 2,150 malpractice cases over the last 36 years and he has served as a risk management consultant for numerous physician groups and hospitals throughout the United States. He is the former president and case manager of two emergency physician malpractice insurance companies. Teaching is his passion and his love for the field of emergency medicine is reflected in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every presentation he makes.

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