Subject Areas and Proposed First Year Activities

Subject areas that will be addressed by the Pain Management and Addiction Medicine Section:

  • Emergency Medicine Pain Management:
    • Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia
    • Multi-modal non-opiate analgesia
    • Nitrous Oxide for analgesia
    • Management of Chronic Pain
    • Management of Opiate addiction
    • Research in the field of Emergency Medicine Pain Management

Pain Management Section’s proposed first year activities:

  • Identify/develop pain management courses for emergency medicine physicians
  • Publish a pain management newsletter highlighting relevant evidence, protocols, and opinions regarding emergency medicine pain management
  • Disseminate information regarding novel evidence as it pertains to the management of acute and chronic pain
  • Work with ACEP Pediatric Emergency Medicine section, ACEP Geriatric Emergency Medicine section, and ACEP Palliative Medicine section to improve pain management in these specialized populations
  • Work with ACEP Emergency Ultrasound section to improve access to education and implementation of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia in the emergency department