ACEP’s Lobby Day

Lobby Day

Each year, emergency physicians’ make a greater and more lasting impression during ACEP's Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. After extensive briefings on current issues and interactive sessions to prepare you for the face-to-face meetings, all participants will head to the Hill to meet with legislators and staff to discuss the most pressing issues facing emergency medicine and patients. The visits serve many purposes including educating legislators on emergency medicine issues, seeking support for specific bills or legislative initiatives, and showing appreciation for past support.

Many ACEP members look forward to these meetings as a means of re-connecting with legislators and staff who they have worked with over the years. In some instances, the meetings serve as an opportunity to ask a legislator, for the first time, to become an advocate for ACEP’s legislative and public policy agenda.

ACEP’s Lobby Day is preceded by Advocacy Training sessions to help participants prepare for their meetings. Detailed briefings update advocates on ACEP’s current policy agenda.

Hill Visit Schedules

ACEP staff works with Soapbox Consulting LLC to schedule your Hill Visits in advance of the meeting.

You will not need to contact your legislators’ Capitol Hill offices directly regarding your appointments. All visits will be scheduled on Tuesday, April 28 from approximately 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

You will also have access to the most up-to-date meeting information through the Soapbox Advocacy Day website which you will have access to via an email that will be sent on Friday, April 24.

The website will provide real-time Capitol Hill schedules and updates, member bios, a Capitol Hill Map, and a link to a live Help Desk.

You also will receive a hard copy of your schedule on Tuesday morning during the Advocacy Training session where we encourage you to sit with the other members of your state chapter. Your state chapter leaders will receive the schedules in advance to help organize the Lobby Day participants from your chapter and will review strategy and the meeting schedule prior to going to Capitol Hill.

Congressional Reception

Lobby Day culminates on Tuesday, April 28 with a Congressional Reception from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Legislators and key staff are invited to attend. We urge you to invite your own legislators to stop by the reception when you see them during your Hill visits.

Hospitality Suites on the Hill

Need a break or wrapped up early? You don’t have to leave the hill – stop into one of the hospitality suites – check email, meet with colleagues or take a breather before the Congressional Reception.

Rooms will be located on both the Senate and House sides of Capitol Hill.