ACEP’s Lobby Day

Each year, emergency physicians’ make a greater and more lasting impression during ACEP's Lobby Day. After extensive briefings on current issues and interactive sessions to prepare you for meetings, all participants will virtually meet with legislators and staff to discuss the most pressing issues facing emergency medicine and patients. The meetings serve many purposes including educating legislators on emergency medicine issues, seeking support for specific bills or legislative initiatives, and showing appreciation for past support.

Many ACEP members look forward to these meetings as a means of re-connecting with legislators and staff who they have worked with over the years. In some instances, the meetings serve as an opportunity to ask a legislator, for the first time, to become an advocate for ACEP’s legislative and public policy agenda.

ACEP’s Lobby Day is preceded by Advocacy Training sessions to help participants prepare for meetings. Detailed briefings update advocates on ACEP’s current policy agenda.

Below you find an FAQ for Virtual Hill Congressional Visits.

Q: Do I need to contact my legislators’ offices to schedule meetings?

A: You don't need to contact your legislators’ Capitol Hill offices directly regarding your appointments. ACEP is scheduling all registrants’ visits with legislators and staff with the assistance of Soapbox Consulting, LLC. The visits will take place from 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm EDT on Tuesday, July 27.

Q: How and when will I receive my virtual Congressional Visit schedule?

A: All registrants, whether in person or virtual, will receive your Soapbox Mobile Tool Code by email on Friday, July 23 which will allow you to see your schedule in real time and respond directly to Soapbox if you have questions or have changed your plans.

We encourage you to use a laptop to access the meetings for the best experience whether in person at LAC or connecting virtually. There will be an easy-to-use link to join each meeting on your personalized schedule and a practice room link where you will meet with the other members of your team and can discuss strategy. Each registrant will have at least three meetings: your two U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative. You will be placed on a team with other registrants from your state, many of whom have worked with your legislators and their staff over the years.

Q: What issues will be discussed during congressional visits?

A: The Mobile Tool also includes PDFs of the issue papers and talking points for the three issues we will be addressing: Caring for Our Frontline Health Care Professionals; Improving Access to Addiction Treatment, and Avoiding the Impending Medicare Payment Cliffs. For more information click here.

Q: How will I prepare for the visits on Tuesday?

A: All registrants will have access either in person or virtual to the Tuesday morning programming which includes briefings on the primary messages to relay in your meetings for a consistent, coordinated effort. Following the issues briefing, we will provide, as in years past, a detailed presentation of “what to expect” on your visits and logistics. This will be followed by a run-through of the meeting technology when you will use your practice room link.

In-person and virtual participants will be sent a link to the virtual platform prior to the conference and will be able to get familiar with accessing the platform and have an opportunity to connect with other members of their team.

NOTE: ACEP's plan to schedule in-person visits with legislators on Capitol Hill during LAC has recently shifted due in large part to ongoing security concerns stemming from the January attacks on the Capitol. The Capitol is now restricting in-person constituent meetings. The visits with legislators scheduled for the afternoon of July 27 will now take place virtually from the Hyatt. The schedule, all meetings, courses, and virtual Hill visits are on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). The Virtual LAC Conference is live and not on-demand.

*Schedule subject to change.