Emergency Ultrasound


Section Officers & Staff

Penelope Chun Lema, MD, FACEP
Arun Nagdev, MD
Immediate Past Chair
Nova Panebianco, MD, MPH, FACEP
Secretary/Newsletter Editor (Lead)
Marina Shpilko, DO
Secretary/Newsletter Editor (Associate)
Javier E Rosario,, MD, FACEP
Kenton L. Anderson, MD, FACEP
Alternate Councillor
Jeremy S. Boyd, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison
John T. Finnell II, MD, MSc, FACEP, FACMI
Staff Liaison
Julie Rispoli

POCUS in COVID Town Hall Recording: An international discussion on the role, implementation, and concerns regarding POCUS in COVID. Hear from experts who are on the front lines of seeing COVID patients and developing processes for their hospitals. Featured panelists include Dr. Yale Tung Chen (Spain), Dr. Emanuele Pivetta (Italy), Dr. Sachita Shah (global pocus and Univ. Washington), Dr. Trish Henwood (Ebola response, Thomas Jefferson), Dr. Mat Nelson (Northwell Hospital), Dr. Arun Nagdev (Highland Hospital and ACEP US Section Safety co-chair), Dr. Nova Panebianco (University of Pennsylvania and ACEP US Section Chair), Dr. Vivek Tayal (Carolinas Medical Center Atrium Health and CUAP Chair, ACEP US Section Past Chair). Town Hall moderated by Dr. Rachel Liu. A huge THANK YOU should go to Dr. Rachel Liu for recording the event and getting the transcript together!



Emergency Ultrasound Section members may send an email to all members of the section via engagED.

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June 2020 Newsletter Highlight   

Ultrasound Section Past Leaders


EUS Section Chairs, October 2018

From L to R: Nova Panebianco, Daniel Theodoro, Rachel Liu, Matt Fields, John Bailitz, Resa Lewiss, Chris Raio, Raj Geria, Vicki Noble, Jerry Chiricolo, Larry Melniker, Robert Jones, Paul Sierzenski, Mike Blaivas, John Kendall, Vivek Tayal, Diku Mandavia


August 1995 - Section was approved by the ACEP Board of Directors

July 1996 – 133 members

September 1996 - First formal meeting, New Orleans

December 2006 – 509 members

December 2011 – 977 members

June 2020 – 1550 members


2019-20 Chair  Nova L. Panebianco, MD, FACEP

2018-19 Chair  Daniel Theodoro, MD, FACEP

2017-18 Chair  Rachel B. Liu, MD, FACEP

2016-17 Chair  J. Matthew Fields, MD, FACEP

2015-16 Chair  John Bailitz, MD, FACEP

2014-15 Chair  Resa E. Lewiss, MD, FACEP

2013-14 Chair  Christopher C. Raio, MD, FACEP

2012-13 Chair  Rajesh N. Geria, MD, FACEP

2011-12 Chair  Michael Stone, MD, FACEP

2010-11 Chair  Vicki E. Noble, MD, FACEP

2009-10 Chair  Jerry Chiricolo, MD, FACEP

2008-09 Chair  Lawrence A. Melniker, MD, FACEP

2007-08 Chair  Vivek S. Tayal, MD, FACEP

2006-07 Chair  Robert A. Jones, DO, FACEP

2005-06 Chair  Paul R. Sierzenski, MD, FACEP

2004-05 Chair  Michael Blaivas, MD, FACEP

2003-04 Chair  John L. Kendall, MD, FACEP

2002-03 Chair  Stephen Hoffenberg, MD, FACEP

2001-02 Chair  Scott W. Melanson, MD, FACEP

2000-01 Chair  Vivek S. Tayal, MD, FACEP

1999-00 Chair  Diku P. Mandavia, MD, FACEP

1998-99 Chair  Evelyn E. Cardenas, MD, FACEP

1997-98 Chair  Michael B. Heller, MD, FACEP

1996-97 Chair  Michael B. Heller, MD, FACEP



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FOAM Highlights

Point-of-Care OB Ultrasound iBook 

A product of an ACEP ultrasound section grant, the new ACEP Point-of-Care OB ultrasound book is bursting with crucial information that will be a huge aid to any bedside provider. This book bypasses the traditional method of book publishing by being available exclusively in iBook format. Besides the rapid dissemination and the price tag of $0, another asset of the book is its abundant multimedia. The authors report that their book contains 967 illustrations and 10 hrs of mini-lectures, which function to help augment the stellar literature review and instructional content already present. This iBook is available on Apple devices, is free to download, and will make an excellent addition to the bedside sonographer’s armamentarium. 

Ultrasound GEL podcast

Ultrasound G.E.L. (Gathering Evidence from the Literature) is a new medical podcast featuring reviews of recent studies in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). Especially as more and more indications for ultrasound are discovered, it is important to keep abreast of the available literature so we can use ultrasound safely and appropriately to help our patients. The goal of the podcast is to disseminate an evidence basis for POCUS. The podcast reviews a single article every two weeks and attempts to briefly summarize the study and provide take-home points that you can bring to the bedside. The podcast is available on iTunes, and summary notes and infographics can be found on the website: While there are many high quality ultrasound podcasts out there, most require your attention to images and videos. Here is one that you can (safely) listen to on the way to work.

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