October 29, 2021

POCUS in COVID Town Hall Recording

An international discussion on the role, implementation, and concerns regarding POCUS in COVID. Hear from experts who are on the front lines of seeing COVID patients and developing processes for their hospitals. Featured panelists include Dr. Yale Tung Chen (Spain), Dr. Emanuele Pivetta (Italy), Dr. Sachita Shah (global pocus and Univ. Washington), Dr. Trish Henwood (Ebola response, Thomas Jefferson), Dr. Mat Nelson (Northwell Hospital), Dr. Arun Nagdev (Highland Hospital and ACEP US Section Safety co-chair), Dr. Nova Panebianco (University of Pennsylvania and ACEP US Section Chair), Dr. Vivek Tayal (Carolinas Medical Center Atrium Health and CUAP Chair, ACEP US Section Past Chair). Town Hall moderated by Dr. Rachel Liu. A huge THANK YOU should go to Dr. Rachel Liu for recording the event and getting the transcript together!

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